Board of Directors and Zone Reps.

Executive Committee


Phone Number


Ron Rimmer

Hawkins Dr. 401-3590
Vice President

Kate O’Hara

Island View Dr. 625-1050

Theresa Rasp

Island View Dr. 592-9424

Rick O’Brien

Golden Lake Village 625-2707
Lake Steward

Glenn Bingham

Island View Dr. 625-1017
Past President

Don O’Reilly

Rocky Point Dr. 625-9935


Sandy Nash Ininatig Inamo 625-1506
Bill Gardner Boyle Lane 757-2909
Chris Hamilton Rocky Point Dr. 889-3148
Allison Wood Hawkins Dr. 601-6000
Natalie Corbin Pikwakanagan 697-1143
Jeff Raisbeck Rocky Point Dr. 635-1575

Membership Committee

Chair Kate O’Hara 625-1050
Records, including on line registration and emails Chris Hamilton 889-3148
Corporate Jeff Raisbeck 635-1575

Lake and River Stewardship Committee

Chair Glenn Bingham 625-1017
Fishing Glenn Bingham 625-1017
Water Levels Glenn Bingham 625-1017
Water Quality Glenn Bingham 625-1017
Boating Safety Bill Gardner 757-2909
Shoal Marking Eric Weckworth
Jeff Scharf

Communications Committee

Chair Chris Hamilton 889-3148
AGM, The President & Past President Don O’Reilly 625-9935
Website Chris Hamilton 889-3148
Newsletters Allison Wood 601-6000
Poker Run Sandy Nash 625-1506
Facebook Group Allison Wood 601-6000

Zone Representatives

We have created organizational zones around the lake and river to help members contact the Association
The Association’s Directors and Zone Representatives share a commitment to helping members get involved in the Golden Lake Property Owners Association.

If you are interested in becoming a Zone Rep, please contact Kate O’Hara at 625-1050




Zone 1 Golden Lake Village and Pikwàkanagàn Clare Addison 705-746-0805
Rick O’Brien 625-2707
Zone 2 Island View Dr, Abby Way, Log Cabin Trail, Red Pine Camp Kate O’Hara  625-1050
Glenn and Heather Bingham 625-1017
Zone 3 Hwy 60, Mundts Bay Ln, Fish Hut Rd, Twin Maple Ln, Bunchberry Ln Clare Daniels 625-2101
Linda Gauthier 401-5457
Brenda Maunder 625-1324
Heather Bingham 625-1017
Mary Beatty 625-2057
Zone 4 McMillan Rd, Goldfinch Dr, Kasdorff Ln Wendy Supapol
Glenn Bingham 625-1017

(Seeking Volunteers)

Zone 5 Hwy 60 at Deacon, McNee Dr, Browns Cr Bill and Glenna Cooke 625-2036
Gail Crepin 625-2735

(Seeking Volunteers)

Zone 6 L’Escale Ln, Great Heron Rd, Harrington Rd, Blackpoint Rd Abbie Buch   830-7337
Dick Piper      757-2979
Burk Hein      757-2343
Cheryl Gibson 601-5251
Zone 7 Hawkins Dr, Nien-Mar Ln, Bob’s Ln,   Sheedy Ln, Skelly Rd, Gorman Rd, Bonnechere Lodge Rd, Sleepy Hollow Lane Allison Wood 601-6000,
Ron Rimmer 401-3590
Boyde Vincent 882-3579
Ernie Bies 625-2558
Zone 8 Billena W, Lynch-Reid Ln, Richards Ln, Cedar Beach Ln, Golden Mile W, Golden Lyn W, McSearsull W Chris and Carole Hamilton 889-3148
John Beatty

(Seeking Volunteers)

Zone 9 Rocky Point Dr, Tranquility Bay, Mundts Ln Don O’Reilly 625-9935
Steve Butler  625-1454
Chris and Carole Hamilton 889-3148
Jim and Cairine Cybulski 625-1274
Zone 10 Tramore Rd, Old Bridge Rd, Libby Ln Judy Hartwig 757-3123
Barb Gardner
Mark Hammer
Dean Bergstresser 625-2723
Zone 11 Tramore Rd, Boyle Ln, Bonnechere River Ln, Eady Rd, Narrows Ln, Jeffreys Ln, Okum Ln Judy Hartwig 757-3123
Barb Gardner
Bill Gardner 757-2909
Lucy King 757-0218

(Seeking volunteers)

Zone 12 Carty Rd, White Church Rd, Karmak Haven Rd, Muskie Ln Dennis Brock 327-5235
Theresa Rasp 462-6216
Kate O’Hara 625-1050