September 30, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting

Golden Lake Property Owners Association
Board of Directors Meeting

Date: Saturday, 30 September 2017
Location: Sands on Golden lake

Don O’Reilly, President
Ron Rimmer, Vice-President
Rick O’Brien, Treasurer
Glenn Bingham, Lake Steward
Chris Hamilton, Director, Membership Records
Kate O’Hara, Director, Membership
Dan Ralph, Director
Bill Gardner, Director
Jeff Raisbeck, Director

Sandy Nash, Director, Co-chair Poker Run 2018
Allison Wood, Director, Communications
Sharon Neff, Secretary

Call To Order (Don O’Reilly)
President Don O’Reilly called meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.

Approval of Minutes (Kate O’Hara)
Kate O’Hara, acting as recording secretary in absence of Sharon Neff, asked if there were any changes to minutes of meeting held 19 August 2017. There being no changes, Motion was made by Dan Ralph to accept minutes as presented, seconded by Chris Hamilton. Carried with all in favour.

Treasurer’s Report (Rick O’Brien)
Rick O’Brien provided his report outlining deposits and expenditures to 30 September 2017, showing a total balance on account of $15,584.03. This balance compares to 2016 balance of $16,419. Fish committee balance is $4,000 of the total account balance, which funds are coordinated between Rick and Glenn. FOCA membership fees for 2017 are yet to be paid.
Rick advised that savings account must maintain a balance of $1,500 or bank will impose a service charge. We were unaware of this and May and June 2017 charges were waived. CIBC Manager will ensure a minimum balance going forward to avoid future service charges.
A copy of the Treasurer’s Report is attached to these minutes for information and reference.
Motion by Bill Gardner to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented; seconded by Don O’Reilly.
Carried with all in favour.

Committee Reports

Lake Steward (Glenn Bingham)

Water Levels
Glenn noted and thanked the people who stepped up to address and handle this issue during the 2017 flood event. Don, Ron, Chris and Allison and Glenn himself worked successfully to handle communication of information to property owners throughout the spring.
Glenn pointed out the need for a new Chair for this committee following resignation of Bob Richer.

Glenn circulated notes from Chair of the Water Levels Committee – draft 17 April 2016 (see attachment). He outlined several points in those notes, in particular responsibilities for monitoring water levels during spring freshet; serving as the GLPOA representative on the Bonnenchere River Water Management Plan (BRWMP) Standing Advisory Committee (SAC); collaborating and maintaining a productive relationship with executive staff of Renfrew Power Generation (RPG); and attending meetings of the Emergency High Water Coordinating Committee (convened by RPG).
It was noted that the levels are not to be monitored only during spring freshet but throughout the spring/summer/fall; GLPOA is not currently sitting on the BRWMP SAC; and there were no meetings for High Water Coordinating Committee convened by RPG. The goal set by GLPOA is to work to resolve these items to the mutual benefit of all parties so they are prepared in the event of any future flood event.
Discussion followed to determine skill sets required for a Chair for this committee. Chair would be liaison for government relations (RPG, MNRF) whether through teleconferences or attending meetings; spokesperson for major stakeholders (GLPOA and RLPOA); liaison with BRWMP (Kathy Lindsay).
The water levels committee would monitor water level, report levels during spring freshet (or any other significant events occurring through the year), and assist with preparation for future activities.
Dan Ralph will consider stepping up as Chair, pending a further information briefing with Glenn. The committee itself will be comprised of Glenn, Ron Rimmer, and Chris Hamilton.
Chris will be posting the following on the GLPOA website and Facebook page: seeking volunteer for Chair of Water Levels committee and date for drawdown of water levels in fall 2017.
Additionally, Glenn noted that the NAW Mayor is working with Pkwakanagan to look at water levels at the bridge on the Reserve. He also reported he attended a Climate Change seminar presented by John Swick on 8 August and noted it might be worthwhile to have John Swick do a similar presentation for GLPOA. Glenn will be attending a seminar on Lake Stewardship on 21 October 2017.

Water Quality
Glenn reported 18 samples were taken in 2017, and that sampling locations were doubled from 2016. The water was sampled three (3) times this year, The tests were all positive and justifies the annual costs for testing. The item of water clarity was discussed, noting that turbidity for the previous year was an average of 3.75 metres, with the average of 2.75 metres for 2017.
Glenn demonstrated the “water quality testing kit” he has developed for use by volunteers, which includes a bucket with laminated work instructions for testing, a depth monitor, and testing/sample bottles.
He noted they will be recruiting for this committee for the 2018 season.

Fish Committee
There were no meetings held this summer due to the flood event, but there are no changes in members of committee. Communication among the committee members has continued to date without the benefit of meetings. Glenn noted there needs to be relief of MNRF regulations in order to build our fish population. He pointed out that new culvert installations are designed for all species with correct size rocks and shade to sustain the fish habitat, but that MNRF is not looking at stocking fisheres as a way to grow and sustain the fish habitat.

Shoal Marking
Jay Foran is stepping down from this committee and his files given to Ron for action as required. Jay Foran has a procedural manual for shoal marking which will be useful in recruiting volunteer help with this activity. Ron Rimmer is taking on position of Interim Chair for Shoal Marking committee; current chair Eric Weckworth is unable to continue his duties at this time. Any issues relating to the buoys/markers are to be reported to Ron Rimmer going forward.

Glenn reported 90 maps were sold this season, with 59 remaining. Jay Foran is to redesign maps for new publication. Bayberry Designs in Barry’s Bay still has the GLPOA file for the maps. Discussion followed as to possible changes and/or enhancements to be incorporated into the new maps. This will be reviewed further by committee before any decisions are made on this matter. Rick O’Brien pointed out County of Renfrew has a GIS System on its website that will show all properties on lake.

Corporate (Ron Rimmer)
Ron reported we have $4,640 in corporate memberships paid for 2018. There are two (2) outstanding memberships to come: Gerry’s Septic (new member) and Garnet Kranz Insurance in Killaloe. There are currently five (5) businesses on wait list for billboard space.
Discussion followed as to what we can offer corporate sponsors as “value added” for their membership. Previously we personally delivered to each sponsor a gift (mug, map, pen). Suggestions for updated corporate “gift” – besides personal visit with gift – included a banner on GLPOA Facebook to be free for first year ; an informal survey for sponsor input was also discussed. It was agreed Chris, Allison and Dan will work on the Facebook banner to be offered to corporate sponsors.
Motion: By Chris Hamilton, a budget of $750 to be set for 2018 gifts for 45 sponsors. Seconded by Jeff Raisbeck. Carried with all in favour.

Jeff Raisbeck has agreed to take on Director of Corporate Membership. He and Kate will coorodinate ordering of sponsor gifts and delivery of same in spring 2018.

Residential (Chris Hamilton, Kate O’Hara)
Chris reported paid membership is at 367 at this date, and that we should come close to 400 for year. We struggled this year with a loss of canvassers and a late start in getting out on the roads due impact of flood event on many of our property owners.
Clare Daniels to submit her membership money by Thanksgiving weekend; Kate to contact Sharon Neff to see if she canvassed on Tramore Road following Phil Godon resignation in August.
Good news is that all current canvassers have confirmed they will continue with GLPOA in 2018, and we have several members already paid for 2018.

To finish off 2017:
Ron & Don agreed to canvass Goldfinch Drive & Kasdorff Lane in absence of Christine Leclair, who has been out of contact for most of the summer. Kate is trying to locate her.
Bill Gardner is canvassing Boyle Lane to top up what has been collected by Terry Howard.
Kate & Jeff will canvas Harrington Road, McNee Drive & Brown’s Crescent on 6 October.
Chris reported that 60 members paid on-line in 2017. He will be setting up a link on our website for credit card payment option for 2018.

For 2018:
There will be a realignment of Zone 10 to make it two (2) zones:
 Zone 10 to comprise Tramore Road
 Zone 11 to be comprise Boyle Lane, Bonnechere River Lane, Libby Lane, Eady Rd., Narrows Lane, Jeffries Lane, Okum Lane, Old Bridge Rd.
 Zone 12 (new) replaces former Zone 11 (Karmak Haven Rd., Cart Rd., Musky Bay Lane, White Church Rd., Griffith Wagner Rd., Tramore Rd.)Kate provided the membership bag and post-it to be used for 2018 membership drive; materials are received and stored with Kate for 2018.

Kate will be working on membership list through winter to line up – and confirm – canvassers for 2018 season, prior to spring newsletter publication.
Discussion followed with respect to materials for kits for 2018, including the use of sponsor rack cards in kits. Kate will work with Jeff on coordinating this in early spring 2018.

Kate requested a motion to accept committee reports as presented.
Motion by Dan Ralph to accept reports with second by Bill Gardner.
Carried with all in favour.

In absence of Allison Wood, Director Communications, following items were discussed:

Winter 2017/2018 Newsletter
Format to remain at one (1) page – and will include the following:
President’s Message – Don O’Reilly
Credit Card Payment – Chris Hamilton
Smelt Harvet/Smelt Fry – Glenn Bingham
Seeking Volunteers – Kate O’Hara
List of Board Members
NB – All articles to be sent to Allison by 1 December 2017
(newsletter to go out January 2018)

Chris Hamilton to send out this Fall an e-mail blast and post on Facebook actions to be taken with respect to mitigating impact on property owners in the event of any future flood event.

Chris will be reviewing website to give it a facelift to make it more current than it is now. He will be:
 updating the welcome message to include instant links
 updating front page
 reorganizing menu bar
 including links for credit card payment and you-tube

Ron reported our facebook page has 375 members and continues to grow. Chris noted we have 450 e-mail addresses that are valid (i.e. No bounce backs).

Interlake Association Meeting (Don O’Reilly, Ron Rimmer & Glenn Bingham)
Meeting hosted by GLPOA and held at The Sands on 23 September 2017. Minutes to follow.
13 lake associations were invited but only eight (8) attended. Attendance was down due to new people on boards. GLPOA suggested the meeting be held every other year but there was push back from those attending. Each association provided an overview of their highlights & issues through the past year. There were three (3) presentations by guest speakers in the afternoon session (Kathy Lindsay from BRWMP, Kristen Wagner from MNRF, and Bob Peltzer, Zone 15 Fisheries Council rep).
Animated discussion and Q & A with Bob Peltzer relating to fishing issues proposed by MNRF.
Lake Clear was approached to host the 2018 meeting; Judy Bates, President of that association will take it to her board and confirm their agreement to thie request.
Following discussion prior to adjournment, it was agreed the interlake meeting needs more structure, including setting territory boundaries for participation, and goals for annual meeting. Kathy Lindsay of BRWMP will coordinate the next meeting among the lake associations.
Kate will send Kathy Lindsay her the contact information from meeting of 23 September so she can make necessary arrangements and coordinate attendance for 2018.
GLPOA will not be taking the lead on this going forward.

Deacon Boat Launch (Glenn Bingham)
Glenn circulated the presentation made to North Algona Wilberforce (NAW) Council, noting it was presented to council as a positive 4commitment for potential to enhance economy and tourism in Golden Lake. NAW accepted the proposal and will assign a lead from the Township at the council meeting on 3 October 2017. The engineering firm will need to be involved from the outset of this phased project, which will be 3-4 years to completion. The process will include desgn of strucure, along with grant applications and fundraising activities. Businesses in cose proximity to launch to be approached with platform showing economic development benefits from this project. Phase 1 tender closes 30 October 2017. Updates will follow in due course.

This item is tabled for discussion at a future meeting.

Travel Expense Form (Dan Ralph)
Directors reviewed travel expense policy and expense form provided by Dan Ralph. This policy & form will be saved in an electronic repository for director documents, for access and use by directors. Policy and form to become effective 30 September 2017.
Motion by Chris Hamilton to accept form, and seconded by Ron Rimmer.
Carried with all in favour.

Other Business

Kate asked what direction GLPOA wants to take with respect to promotions. It was agreed Kate will investigate options for design and pricing for t-shirts for 2018, with decision to be made by Board in spring 2018. It was noted that any promotion activity will require someone to take on the business of promotional articles throughout the summer season.

Glenn mentioned that we may be able to obtain a supply of the book “The Golden Lake Story” by Eleanor Wright to use as gifts from GLPOA. The estate of Mrs. Wright will be contacted to see if we can negotiate a reasonable purchase price for the books. GLPOA will present a copy of the book to Mackie MacLaren, interim CAO of NAW as thanks for his work with us in in his time at NAW.

Poker Run 2018 Donation
Kate read the thank you note received from the Eganville Food Bank. Eganville and Killaloe food banks each recaived $750.00 from our successful 2017 Poker Run.

Strategic Planning
Dan Ralph asked Board to consider a session on strategic planning for the long term goals of the association, addressing our fiduciary and operational responsibilities. It would be a one day meeting to include the full board, and could possibly be done in webinar format. The items to be addressed would include succession planning, financial planning, and continuity in general and could be held immediately following the final directors’ meeting of the season.
Dan will set up a proposal for review by the Executive.

FOCA Fall 2018 Seminar
This is to be held on 4 November 2017 in Toronto. Kate is to attend on behalf of GLPOA, and Chris is to confirm if he can also attend. Dan would also consider attending if Chris is not available.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 12:30 p.m.
Motion by Kate O’Hara, seconded by Jeff Raisbeck.
Carried with all in favour.

August 19, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting


DATE: Saturday Aug 19, 2017 – Sands on Golden Lake

PRESENT: President Don O’Reilly, Vice President Ron Rimmer, Treasurer Rick O’Brien, Secretary Sharon Neff, Glenn Bingham, Chris Hamilton, Kate O’Hara, Bill Gardner, Phil Godin, Jeff Rasbeck, Sandy Nash

ABSENT: Allison Wood, Dan Ralph

CALL TO ORDER at 9:30.


Don welcomed everyone to today’s meeting especially our newest member Jeff Rasbeck a returning member. Don commended everyone for a successful summer of activities for GLPOA.

MOTION: To accept the minutes of June 3, 2017. Sharon noted the AGM 2017 minutes have been reviewed and comments noted. Sharon recommended a notion that both Kate O’Hara and Dan Ralph’s Bio’s be included as attachments due to the lengthy minutes. Brilliant idea Kate.

Rick O’Brien provided his report showing a balance of $12,652.54 (chequing and savings account) to Aug 19, 2017. See Treasurer Report Aug 14 2017.
MOTION: To accept the Treasurer’s Financial Reports of Aug 19, 2017

*It is noted that 457 FOCA memberships were paid last year, it was estimated that GLPOA pay for 440 members. FOCA membership form to be discussed at next meeting. All members agreed to stay on the FOCA mailing list and add our new Directors.

a. Membership– Kate O’Hara
b. Kate stated the numbers are down to date, but is still waiting on some zones to report. Kate noted that 12 canvassers have left GLPOA this year, kudos to those current canvassers for taking on extra zones. Many of the members within GLPOA are reached by email and current canvassers are working diligently to keep lists up to date. Kate discussed looking at re-vamping the mapping area for Tramore Road which is a large membership area to cover. Chris will adjust the map to include zone 10 & 11 for Tramore and previous zone 11 will become zone 12. Kate and Bill discussed possibility of new canvassers next year. Kate asked the group to think about volunteer profiles for the spring newsletter. Kate stated that there are currently 54 kits left and looked at purchasing cheaper ones for next year by ordering now.
MOTION: Not to exceed $700.00 for kits which will be purchased now.
MOVED: Ron Rimmer SECONDED: Bill Gardner CARRIED

c. Corporate Advertisers Review – Ron Rimmer
Ron stated that there is a revenue of $4000.00 from Corporate Members. Don/Ron to collect from few members still unpaid.

d. Lake Stewardship Lake/River – Glenn Bingham
Shoal marking: Completed within most of the regulations. Not all markers are set out yet due to unusual spring weather.
Water levels: Ron/Glenn met with stake holders discussed the design and purpose of dams. Noted that more work with townships for future disasters will be ongoing.
Water quality: Glenn noted that he has collected 12 samples and will go out again in Sept for more. Water quality is good.
Fish committee: no meetings, nothing to report.

Boat Launch at Deacon:
Glenn has been invited to attend the economic development meeting Aug 24, 2017 to discuss the status of the dock/boat launch in Deacon. Glenn shared some exciting ideas on his proposed pitch that he will present to NAW councilors at their next meeting.

Boat safety:
Speed limit signs still need to be put up at the Bailey bridge.

4. Communications – Don reported in Allison’s absence.
Don noted the need to communicate via newsletter/FaceBook in layman’s terms the water quality updates. Ron noted FB followers over 300, with positive feedback in regards to flood reporting.
MOTION: To accept the committee reports

5. Review past events –
a. AGM: Don commended on the hard work and great attendance by all. Don has received many positive compliments regarding the organization, professionalism, great speakers, MC and amazing power point. Congrats gang!
b. Poker Run:
Sandy Nash has agreed to take over the poker run chair next year. See attached 2017 Poker Run Financial Report. Discussion around $5 cost for kids meal vs $10. The committee was asked to email ideas for next year to Ron.
MOTION: To give $750 to the Killaloe and Eganville Food bank each. Also to put the balance remaining of $900 into the general account to offset lower memberships this year. Sandy/Chris/Rick to make the donation and look after the presenting the cheques. Don to coordinate media.

c. Smelt fry: Glenn reported it was a great success. 158 people were served from 108 last year’s event. Glenn noted future meeting will be set to discuss responsibilities and tasks for next year. Congrats.

6.Update on Volunteer Appreciation Dinner – Kate/Ron noted that there are 40 confirmed attendees. Kate to supply paper plates, cups, utensils and donate 2 bundt cakes.
MOTION: $500.00 For the volunteer appreciation budget
6. Interlake meeting: Meeting to be held at the Sands on Sat Sept 23, 2017 from 9-3pm. GLPOA is host for 11 Lake Associations. Tasks are assigned as follows for the day:
MC – Ron Rimmer, Attendance Sign In – Glenn Bingham, Name tags – Sandy Nash, Minutes – Kate O’Hare.
Guest Speaker – Bob Pettzer(per Glenn Bingham) Ron/Don to send meeting notice to all associations by the end of August.

7. Stakeholder Meeting – BRWMP
Glenn noted there was nothing received from Janice Visneskie-Moore following the meeting at
KHR. Glenn has sent an email to Sean Cameron at RPG asking to sit in on future discussions ie(BRWMP) developments, still waiting for a reply. Consensus was optimistic for positive action from MNRF and RPG for the stakeholders regarding preparedness for any future water events. RPG is not forthcoming with any information and MNRF has put any action onto RPG for action with stakeholders.

8. Bylaws & Incorporation: Tabled for discussion at the next Board meeting.

9. Other Business:
* Marlene Randall (Rocky Point) won a 3 year GPLOA membership by renewing her membership before March 31, 2017. This was not published in our Spring Newsletter and is to be put on Facebook page as well as the 2017/18 Newsletter. We hope this will promote early renewal for 2018.

*Bill Gardner brought up the matter of access to Shed Road for recreational use. Following discussion, it was agreed that GLPOA will not take the lead on this. Glenn/Bill will contact Mike Cailler to determine if snowmobile club would approach MNRF on this issue. Glenn/Bill will update at future meeting.

*Chris Hamilton provided a power point presentation re –GLPOA using credit card as an option for membership payment. This outlined service fee, set up on our website, administration/transfer payments from FOCA to GLPOA. There is a cost to GLPOA.
MOTION: That we try this for one year starting in 2018 membership term.
MOVED: Ron Rimmer SECONDED: Bill Gardner CARRIED

* Ron Rimmer advised Phil Godon tendered his resignation form the Board and it was accepted. He also noted that Don O’Reilly will be completing his term as President at 2018 AGM with Ron Rimmer moving up to President. If anyone wishes to consider the Vice President position starting 2018 term, please send a confidential email to Ron.

* It was agreed that minutes of meetings be completed for the Board reviews if possible within 5 business day of a meeting.

Next meeting: Sat September 30, 2017 9am at The Sands

MOTION: To adjourn the meeting.

July 8, 2017 AGM Minutes

P.O. BOX 99


DATE: Saturday, July 8, 2017

LOCATION: Killaloe Public School, Killaloe, Ontario

CALL TO ORDER at 9:00 am.
President Don O’Reilly welcomed everyone to the Annual General Meeting of the Golden Lake Property Owners Association. Don acknowledged the Cottage Cup of Golden Lake for the wonderful coffee and sweets. Don introduced himself and shared his respect and appreciation for the guidance and mentorship of past President Kevin O’Connor. Kevin was unable to attend the AGM with regret this year. Don commended and gave huge Kudos to all the volunteers of GLPOA. He stated that “Volunteers are the engine that runs everything”. Don shared the list of events that are vital to GLPOA now and in the future. Don commented on the abnormal flooding season and sent out his thoughts to those affected by it. Don stated that GLPOA is the recent recipient of the FOCA Achievement Award. This honor is bestowed on cottage and lake property associations in recognition of outstanding achievements, either past or present. This award is presented annually to the top Association in Ontario. There are over 500 Associations in Ontario. Don and Kevin O’Connor travelled to Toronto on March 4/17 for the presentation. Don stated that the path to this award is because of 5-6 years of good building blocks, a foundation built by past GLPOA volunteers. Don thanked these past and present volunteers on behalf of GLPOA.

Secretary Sharon Neff reported that the minutes of 2016 Annual General Meeting had been on the GLPOA website in 2016 and 2017, posted in the Golden Lake Post Office. Sharon stated that it was noted that the financial report of 2016 was not attached as posted, this will be corrected.

MOTION: To accept the minutes of Annual General Meeting of July 2, 2016.

Special Presentation: BVT Fire Chief Dave Murphy
Introduction by Ron Rimmer
Dave thanked GLPOA for the opportunity to attend and educate members on Fire Safety.
Dave addressed fire safety, road maintenance and burning laws. Dave shared some of the rules and suggestions around rural private road standards, especially during the past flooding crisis. Dave stated that the flooding was a new situation for the fire department Dave reminded members to remember that fire apparatus are not off-road vehicles. He suggests roads be clear of large boulders and rocks due to low ground clearance on the vehicles and 15 feet of width and height clearance. As well, snow clearing in the winter is equally as important. Dave reflected that working with Townships, members, students, a well co-ordinated response effort along with good communication during the flood crisis was essential to their success. Questions and Answers from the membership were fielded around private road seasonal maintenance, accessible turn around and clearance for the Emergency vehicles. He also went over the guidelines for open air burning, citing the current wildfires in British Columbia. The fire season takes place from April 1 to October 31, BVT website includes information regarding types of open fires, rules, limitations, by-laws, information on Level 1 & 2 fire bans and permits. Any fire bans in place will be outlined on municipal websites. Dave encouraged all members to educate themselves and other in regards to these issues.
Ron thanked Dave for all of his valuable information and taking the time to participate in today’s AGM. Ron presented Dave with a GLPOA shirt in thanks.


Dave introduced the Executive as follows;
President – Don O’Reilly, Rocky Point Drive, Vice-President – Ron Rimmer, Hawkins Drive, Treasurer – Rick O’Brien, Golden Lake, Secretary – Sharon Neff, Tramore Road,
Lake Steward – Glenn Bingham, Island View Drive, Past President – Kevin O’Connor – Gravenhurst, Ont.

Dave also introduced the Directors as follow;
Bill Gardner ( Boyle Lane), Sandy Nash,( Ininatig Inamo), Chris Hamilton, (Rocky Point Drive), Phil Godon, (Tramore Road), Jeff Raisbeck, (Rocky Point Drive), Allison Wood, (Hawkins Drive), Dan Ralph, (Log Cabin Trail), Kate O’Hara, (Island View Drive).

Dave shared the Bio of Dan Ralph (new member). Dan has been a seasonal resident at Golden Lake for over 60 years while calling Ottawa his home during the winter months, Formerly VP of Hydro Ottawa. Dan now operates his own management consultant business, assisting clients with a variety of services related to Human Resources Management, Strategic Planning, Supply Chain Management, Healthy & Safety, Executive Coaching and Board Governance. Dan is a graduate of Carleton University, and holds a diploma in Electrical Engineering from Algonquin College, a former sessional lecturer at Sprott School of Business in Ottawa. He is a past President of the Canadian Ski Coaches Federation, former Managing Director of the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance. Dan is married with two grown children, and hopes to make a positive contribution to GLPOA and give back to a community that has provided his family with so many rich lasting memories.

Dave also shared the Bio of Kate O’Hara…Kate has been the Zone 2 Rep for 10 years for GLPOA. Kate and her husband Jack McGillis have been coming to Golden Lake seasonally for 21 years. Kate has recently retired after 30 plus years in the Insurance Company. Kate has volunteered in many other areas such as the Target Insurance Broker Licensing responsible for membership. Kate also taught insurance licensing.

Dave called for any further nominations from the floor 3 times. Dave declared the Executive and Directors acclaimed.

Dave asked for following motion;
MOTION: To Amend the fiscal year from Mar 31 to Dec 31.

MOTION: To include the positon of Lake Steward to the executive.
MOVED : Carrine Cybulski SECONDED: Gail McPhee CARRIED

Special Presentation: Ron Rimmer
Ron stated that GLPOA was hoping to present Marion Fuder and Kevin O’Connor each with certificates of appreciation. Unfortunately neither Kevin nor Marion were in attendance.

Ron introduced Fred as an Engineering Physics graduate from the University of Waterloo. He spent 24 years engaged in scientific research and development at the Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories of Atomic Energy of Canada, followed by several years as Dean of Technology and Continuing Education at Loyalist College in Belleville. Taking a very early retirement (40ish) he has spent the past thirty years, working with thousands of other volunteers on projects such as; the 1994 International Plowing Match, establishing the 911 Emergency system, the 1998 Ice Storm Emergency recovery, the building of the New Miramichi Long Term Care facility, Pembroke’s Millennium Waterfront Park and most recently the new Ottawa Valley Campus of Algonquin College. He is also a founding board member of the Shaw Woods Outdoor Education Centre and is currently it’s Co-Chair. His leadership in Search and Rescue activities has resulted in Bravery Citations from both the military and civilian police sectors. Other than noting that he is a proud Member of the Order of Canada, he declines to list any other award and honors. Today Fred shared his insights into how large volunteer driven initiatives can accomplish major community projects for the benefit of all. Thus, his title to his presentation “The power of community”. Fred commended GLPOA for not only recognizing all their volunteers but also honoring your sponsors.
Ron Thanked Fred and offered a gift on behalf of GLPOA.

Draws were held for 5 prizes donated by GLPOA Corporate Sponsors;
1 .From 101.1 Country music station – t-shirt & CD- Draw winner- Steve Kutschki
2. Sands Spa: gift certificate for pedicure for 2 -Draw winner – Jane Corbett
3. Walker’s Landing: Dinner for 2 – -Draw winner – Tammy Gaudrey
4. Gord McMillan: Video (wildlife) – -Draw winner – Norm Edwards
5. Gwen Stewart of Killaloe: gift certificate (massage) -Draw winner – Allison Wood
6. Cottage Cup: $30 Gift certificate -Draw winner – Theresa Rasp

COFFEE BREAK: – Courtesy of The Cottage Cup, Golden Lake


Treasurer Rick O’Brien presented the Financial Summary for the operating year ending March 31 ,2017, showing a starting balance on April 1, 2016 of $15,457.39. Revenue of $23,050.80, Disbursements of $25,855.65, and a balance on March 31, 2017 of $12,652.54. (This includes Chequing and Savings Account)
The Treasurer reported that the 2016-2017 financial records had been reviewed by Micheal J. Afelskie, Certified Management Accountant (retired), of Golden Lake. He reported “ Nothing came to my attention that required any changes. The books were in excellent condition”. The Financial report is attached to these minutes with approval note by Micheal J. Afelskie.
Year end Financial Report 2016-2017
Financial Review Comments 2016-2017

Kate introduced herself as the new Director looking after the membership activities along with Chris Hamilton. Kate regarded and is proud our accomplishments with respect to building and growing our association since inception in 2004.Working together, our founders, directors and canvassers have built a vibrant organization based on the principles that make our association strong: membership, stewardship and communication. Our memberships are averaging approximately 460 paid members annually, comprising both residential and corporate members. This is a healthy percentage of the 750+ properties on this lake. Membership has maintained at $20 since 2004 that goes towards; shoal & channel marking, monitoring water quality, fish committee (includes smelt harvesting, contact with MNRF respecting fish stocking & replenishment), public area upgrades boat launch signage, membership in FOCA(Federation of Ontario Cottage Association), this includes insurance and access to FOCA alerts and a contribution to the annual Poker Run a fun social for the lake – it’s proceeds donated back to local charities. Our members are active over the whole lake and Bonnechere which is divided into 11 zones. Kate shared the geographic area of Golden Lake and Bonnechere with Zone reps and areas that require reps including: Zone 5, 8 & 10. Volunteers would be appreciated. We do host a Volunteer Appreciation Diner each year to honor our volunteers. This year’s date is August 26, 2017 from 4-7 pm at the Elder’s Lodge in Pikwakanagan.
Corporate Membership: consists of 30 local sponsors that advertise on our boat launch billboards. We are adding 7 spaces on the billboards this fall. These businesses support very many activities in our community, we are fortunate they include GLPOA in that support. Kate stated that the Poker run would not exist without their support, we are sincerely grateful and value them as members in our association.

Glenn noted that with the help of Eric Weckworth, Jay Foran and 16+ volunteers there are 57 buoys placed throughout GLPOA water ways. Glenn sated they are focused on better location system and communication in regards to appropriate placement of the buoys. Water quality testing is behind 6 weeks due to increased water levels. Water quality is also behind to increased water levels. The Ministry of Climate Control has done 4 tests on E-Coli and results have come back favorable. These results can be further viewed on our website. Glenn is working with NAW/MTO/MNR to remove debris from the river/lakes due to high water levels. We have partnered with NAW for a launch site at Deacon. Bob Richer Committee chair has stepped down as of Feb 2017. Glenn asked “Why participate in smelt harvesting?” To improve overall fishing and there is a better chance of sustaining other species. This year’s Smelt Fry served over 158 people at the Sands. Feedback was very positive.

Allison stated that GLPOA is always trying to communicate with members throughout the entire year. Allison highlighted the various ways GLPOA reaches its members; the AGM – a face to face social where members can meet and get to know the Executive/Directors and various volunteers that support GLPOA. There are information tables, door prizes, guest speakers and an opportunity for questions & answers. The Newsletter which is published and sent out 2x/year, this highlights all our work and includes information regarding upcoming events, a list of Board of Directors, Directors including all working committees, and highlights volunteers. It also includes membership zones and canvassers as well as our 30 incredible corporate sponsors. GLPOA also uses email to send out information to members which is a primary means of direct communication ( Our website, is relevant and easy to navigate And lastly our Facebook group which currently has over 340 members, it is valuable and immediate. (Golden Lake Ontario Property Owners).

2017 FLOOD RECAP: Ron Rimmer
Ron shared pictures from Golden Lake Park, Island View Drive and the Bonnechere River. Don, Ron and Glenn felt their goal during the flood crisis was to communicate with members who don’t live here, updates regarding warnings etc. Weekly MNR teleconferences and posting daily water levels by Ontario through social media and emails to keep members informed. Emails were also posted around relevant information such as; flooded wells, flooded septic systems, water testing, flood relief and Red Cross. Attending KHR/NAW/BV council meeting also help keep members informed and assisted with emergency assistance. This Golden Lake communication also assisted in vocalizing requests and getting questions answered. Ron stated that Glenn was involved with news briefing with CTV, CBC, local papers and noted in Cottage Life. Ron took this opportunity to send out KUDOS to all who helped during this stressful time. Ron noted that they are still working with politicians. Their outlook for the future will be to be better prepared, pulling from what they have learned through this 2017 flood.

POKER RUN: Ron Rimmer
With great pleasure, Ron introduced the members involved in the Poker Run Committee. This is the 9th Annual Poker Run sponsored by the Sands on Golden Lake. The event takes place August 5, 2017. There are $3,000.00 in prizes, 3 new dockstops and the registration fee is $25.00. Again this year we have amazing sponsors support this event. Kudos to all members.
Posters and newspapers will advertise the event and GLPOA will utilize all of it’s methods of communication discussed earlier in the AGM.

Draws were held for 7 prizes donated by GLPOA Corporate Sponsors
1. Gord McMillan: wildlife print – Draw winner – Brenda Munder
2. Deacon Chinese Restaurant: $50 gift certificate- Draw winner – Barb Kyle
3. Doreen Dunn-Scully: painting – Draw winner- Brian Dewis
4. McMillian’s Cabins: weekend cottage includes 3 meals – Draw winner – Gayle VanRolsod
5. Bonnechere Lodge: weekend cottage get-away – Draw winner – Karen Vincent
6. Royal Lepage, Team Realty: $100 cash prize – Draw winner- Kathy Lindsey
(* Kathy donated her prize money to the Bonnechere River Watershed Project)
7. Sands on Golden Lake: overnight for 2, includes breakfast and gift cert for dinner – Draw winner – Estelle Bernard
Ron thanked all the special guests, members, GLPOA Exec/Directors for today and setting up yesterday, our sponsors for their support and prizes and once again The Cottage Cup for the coffee & sweets.
MOTION: To adjourn the AGM time – 12:20pm
MOVED: Kate O’Hare SECONDED: Eileen George CARRIED

June 3, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting

DATE: Saturday, 3 June 2017 – Sands on Golden Lake

Don O’Reilly, President; Ron Rimmer, Vice-President; Rick O’Brien, Treasurer; Glenn Bingham, Lake Steward; Kate O’Hara – Chair and Chris Hamilton – Records, Membership Committee; Bill Gardner, Director; Sandy Nash, Director; Dan Ralph, Director

Sharon Neff, Secretary; Allison Wood, Chair, Communications; Phil Godon, Director

President Don O’Reilly called the meeting to order at 9:35 a.m.

Approval of Minutes of 8 April 2017 meeting.
Two (2) changes noted: Bob Richard to read Bob Richer, and spelling of Blackstien to read Blackstein.
Motion: Ron Rimmer, seconded by Chris Hamilton to accept minutes with changes noted. Carried -all in favour.

Treasurer’s Report
Rick O’Brien provided his report showing a total bank balance of $9,996.30 (chequing and savings accounts) to 2 June 2017. He advised Michael Afelski will have a audited financial figures ready for the annual general meeting on 8 July 2017. A copy of the treasurer’s report is attached to these minutes.
Motion: Bill Gardner to accept the report; seconded by Don O’Reilly. Carried – all in favour.

Membership – Residential
Kate O’Hara provided the following updates for membership activities.
• On 19 May a meeting was held at O’Reilly’s with Don, Ron, Glenn, Chris, Allison and Kate in attendance. All Zone Representative folders and canvasser kits were assembled for distribution at canvasser meetings (see below). Many thanks to the assembly line helpers that day – Gwen O’Reilly, Corinne Rimmer and Carole Hamilton.
Canvasser Update
• Janice Kelly and Lorraine Costello advised they will not be canvassing Zone 8 for GLPOA this year. Kate will take on some of this Zone with help from a Zone 2 neighbour and we will continue to seek additional help to cover that zone.
Canvasser Communications
• Kate suggested that Zone Reps have a group e-mail address list for their respective zones and co-canvassers to send updates/information to each other, and from Executive. Chris stressed to all attending the importance of obtaining – and confirming – e-mail information for our records to improve communication to and with members.
• Rick O’Brien previously submitted to board an updated “application for membership form” which address the privacy issues in obtaining e-mail information from members. Kate would like to see this implemented for the 2018 membership season.
Canvasser Meetings
• 20 May meeting was cancelled. 27 May meeting held at Sands with 20 people in attendance, which included Don, Ron, Glenn, Rick, Chris, Kate and Dan Ralph from the board. Canvasser folders and membership bags were distributed to attendees and Chris walked everyone through the material in the Zone Rep folders and the membership bags.
• A “Q & A” session followed where Executive addressed questions from canvassers re payment methods, and especially questions respecting the recent flood situation. It was decided that an additional information sheet will be provided to each Zone Rep outlining GLPOA actions/communications during and post-flood event which should assist with questions from membership.
• Judy Hartwig (Zone 10) spoke re the Golden Lake Community Association and the resources they have available for assistance to residents dealing with effects of the flooding.
• All Kits assembled and not yet picked up by Zone Reps are stored at the Sands in Deacon Room (downstairs) and can be accessed by Executive/Board Members for delivery to zone reps.
• Next canvasser meeting to be held Saturday 24 June 2017 – venue to be confirmed. Kate is contacting the Golden Lake Community Association to book the Town Hall (at post office) in Golden Lake. Kate to confirm booking to Chris who will send an e-mail to all canvassers. Kate requested attendance by Don, Ron & Glenn at that meeting to handle the Q & A as they did – so well – at 27 May meeting.
Membership Table at GLPOA Events
• Table to be staffed at 10 June 2017 smelt fry at Sands. Kate will work table from 1-3, Ron will take 3-4, Don will be on 4-5, and Chris has confirmed he will do 5-6.
• We will also be staffing a membership table at the AGM on 8 July and at the Poker Run on 5 August.

Other Membership Business
• Chris raised the matter of offering a VISA payment option to our members; FOCA offers this through their website as a service to members; service charge is 4.5% per member payment. Following discussion, it was agreed that the question would be asked at the AGM to determine some level of member interest in this option. There may be concerns with respect to security of FOCA website.
Motion: Bill Gardner moved that Chris Hamilton further investigate matter of website security and report back to Board. Seconded by Don O’Reilly. Carried – all in favour.

Discussion took place regarding website and fact there are two (2) sites active, Kate is to contact Dave Lemkay to see if he has any information (i.e. ISP for the site) on the “.com” website so we can get this site deactivated.

Membership – Corporate
• Ron advised that 18 of 30 current sponsors are paid to date for the 2017-1028 year. Bert’s Crepes has advised they will no longer participate in the billboard program, and they have been replaced by Gerry’s Septic. There is a waiting list for billboard sponsors, including Bonnechere Valley and BMR. Sponsors pay $160.00 for billboard space and are featured in the newsletter. Billboards at each boat launch to be checked for structural integrity and Don will speak with Brian Fraser about any repairs and adding panel space to each billboard.
• Don asked for input on adding the 2016 FOCA Award plaque to the billboards. It was agreed Don would speak with Nature of Design to obtain pricing for this for review by the Board. Also discussed possibility of having award duplicated for use at GLPOA events.

Motion: Bill Gardner, seconded by Chris Hamilton that Don O’Reilly organize FOCA Award replication for display at GLPOA events. Carried – all in favour.

Lake Stewardship
Shoal Marking
Glenn Bingham noted shoal markers cannot be put in place until water levels recede to a reasonable level. He noted Eric Weckworth has not responded to his correspondence respecting any of the shoal marking responsibilities. Don O’Reilly is to contact Eric to address the lack of contact and to obtain confirmation/information for finances and inventory for shoal marking materials, and status of barge.
Water Testing
Glenn confirmed water has been tested at various sites around the lake; results show no evidence of contamination.
Fish Committee
Only 50% of the committee participated in the 2017 smelt harvest, which was difficult with flooding conditions. The active participants had assistance from neighbours to realize enough smelts to guarantee the fish fry would go ahead as planned on 10 June. There are 200 tickets available through Glenn B., Cottage Cup and the Sands. Event to be advertised on Moose FM, STAR 96 and Valley Heritage Radio and in the local newspapers.

Motion: Bill Gardner, seconded by Ron Rimmer, to accept Committee reports as presented. Carried – all in favour.
• Ron reported significant growth on the site – from initial number of 46 to 312. We are receiving very positive feedback on this GLPOA “bulletin board”.
• Chris noted updates to be put on site, including meeting minutes and the 2016 AGM minutes. He is reviewing the site for changes with a view to have the site become more “mobile friendly”. He also noted the mailing list is up to date, with no bounce back from any e-mails during all the recent e-mail communications sent by GLPOA.
• Don expressed thanks to Allison and all contributors for producing an excellent issue of the newsletter, noting “it is a comprehensive and professional publication that we should be very proud of”.

Boat Safety
• Bill Gardner confirmed that Killaloe Hagarty Richards (KHR) Township will not provide any further money for the boat launch. He also noted the sign for the Tramore bridge – confirming the water safety at this location is NOT that of GLPOA – will be completed in the next week.


Travel Expense Guideline
• Ron provided board members with a draft of proposed guidelines for travel expenses to be reimbursed for travel expenses incurred for association business. He asked for feedback from board members; following discussion it was agreed Dan Ralph will work with Ron on finalizing the protocol for travel expenses.

Meeting with John Yakabuski, MPP
• Glenn confirmed a meeting to be held at KHR Township Hall on 16 June 2017. Meeting to be attended by representatives from Renfrew Power Generation (RPG), Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), North Algona Wilberforce (NAW) Township, KHR Township, Bonnechere Valley (BV)Township, GLPOA and RLPOA (Round Lake Property Owners’ Association). Meeting is not open to the public and will be a fact finding – and fact checking – forum to evaluate events/actions during the 2017 spring flood event and its impact on the people, the economy and the environment. The goal is to learn from each other and to put in place procedures for future emergency planning, consistent for all parties who may be impacted by any disaster event. Don, Ron and Glenn will attend on behalf of GLPOA and will be advocating on behalf of GLPOA membership.
• Ron noted we will be developing an emergency planning program for use by GLPOA so our association has an action plan – and a voice – in the event of any future emergency events. Glenn is working on this in concert with NAW Township, Don & Ron are working with BV and KHR Townships; the information will be coordinated into our own action plan. This will provide us with advocacy and a voice for GLPOA members.

• Dan Ralph has provided draft by-laws for review by the Board. He has also provided comments to Don and Ron with respect to pros/cons for incorporation of the association. He suggested a working session for Executive Committee to review and finalize by-laws and job descriptions for Executive and Board members. Following discussion, it was agreed Ron will check with FOCA to see what other cottage associations are incorporated, and Kate is to check with Dave Lemkay to see if he has any correspondence about incorporation from initial formation of GLPOA.


SMELT FRY – 10 June
Location: Sands on Golden Lake
All volunteers confirmed and GLPOA membership table staffed.

Location: Killaloe Public School from 9:00 to 12:00 noon
Agenda – to be finalized by Don, Ron
Meeting set up 1:00 – 3:00 on Friday 7 July – volunteers requested
Notice to be published in Leader on Wednesday 7 June (Don to contact Leader)
Refreshments supplied by Cottage Cup
Letters to three (3) Townships and Pikwanagan inviting them to attend (Ron)
E-mails to all members two (2) weeks prior to meeting (Chris)
Guest Speakers confirmed (BV Fire Chief; Fred Blackstein)
Photographer – to be booked
Elections – only two (2) new directors to be pout forward; Dan Ralph and Kate O’Hara to supply bios for AGM; and Kate to contact Dave Lemkay to confirm he will act as nominating committee (2 new directors only)
Motions (2) to be presented for vote by membership: Lake Steward to be an Executive position on Board; annual fiscal year end to change to 31 December
A/V and Slide Show (Ron)
President’s Report (Don)
Membership Report (Kate) to include zone map (Chris)with review of all areas covered
Communications Report (Allison, Chris)
Poker Run update (Ron)
Lucky Draws – prizes to be confirmed; draws to be coordinated at AGM (Rick O’Brien; Theresa Rasp and Mary Beatty to assist? (to be confirmed)
Thank You letters – to prize donors, KHS custodians, Cottage Cup (Rick to provide form letter to Kate for action)
Gifts – Marion Fuder to receive $100 gift certificate

POKER RUN – 5 August 2017
Location: The Sands on Golden Lake – start and finish
Ron scheduling a meeting for Poker Run committee – Saturday 17 June 2017 at Sands (9:30 a.m.)
Ron will send e-mail to committee members
Sharon Neff and Mary Beatty to coordinate Kid Zone
Whitewater Brewery to be contacted as participant and sponsor
Ron looking for new person to organize and run Poker Run

Location: Elder’s Lodge, Pikwakanagan
Time: 4:00 to 7:00
Chris to send e-mail to all volunteers – Zone Reps, Canvassers, Committee Members to save the date (with further details to follow)

• Saturday, 19 August 2017 at 9:30 at Sands.

Motion to adjourn by Kate O’Hara with second by Sandy Nash; carried – all in favour.

April 8, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting


DATE: Saturday April 8, 2017 – Chinese Restaurant

PRESENT: President Don O’Reilly, Vice President Ron Rimmer, Secretary Sharon Neff, Treasurer Rick O’Brien, Glenn Bingham, Phil Godon, Dan Ralph, Kate O’Hara

ABSENT: Chris Hamilton, Sandy Nash, Allison Wood, Bill Gardner, Marion Fuder

CALL TO ORDER at 9:40 am.


Don welcomed everyone. Don introduced a new member Dan Ralph who grew up in the Golden Lake area. (Twin Maple Lodge). Dan is a Consultant, he specializes in strategic planning and executive coaching. Present members introduced themselves, what or who brought them to GLPOA and where they lived.

MOTION: To accept the minutes of Sept 24, 2016.

TREASURER’S REPORT: The Treasurer submitted an April 8, 2017 report on the finances of the Association, showing deposits of $1765.00, disbursements of $9,450.92, and interest from the savings account being $19.78. The final balance to date in chequing account is $3,880.91, Savings balance is $8,830.63 for a total = $12,711.54.
MOTION: To accept the Treasurer’s Financial Reports of April 8, 2017
MOVED: Kate O’Hara SECONDED: Glenn Bingham CARRIED

*Discussion by member to change fiscal year from Mar 31 to Dec 31. Don and Ron to write up a motion to be brought to the AGM.

FOCA Award: Don shared the award GLPOA received with accolades from FOCA. Don and Kevin O’Connor (past President) attended the meeting in Toronto. Kudos!!Don to add the Foca award to the website and newsletter. Don will also send a picture of the FOCA award to the newspaper.

MOTION: Stewardship to hold an Executive Position, make this change in the constitution which will be brought forward at the AGM.


Discussion by members about public posting for the AGM. Members inquired if social media qualified as public posting. Dan suggested looking at all/any changes we want to make within the constitution. To update bylaws. Dan is willing to participate in research related to not for profit act.

Pembroke District Ministry of Natural Resource meeting was attended by Rick O’Brien on March 21, 2017. Rick shared that this was the first of a kind meeting and attended by many throughout the County. Rick suggested that at the next meeting members of GLPOA may want to attend with a presentation.


1. Membership– Kate O’Hara
Kate shared 2 articles ready to go into the Newsletter on GLPOA and all its accomplishments. GLPOA is #6 in regards to 700+ lakes within FOCA. Kudos!! Kate brought forward the idea of having a Director for each zone vs zone rep. Mary Beatty has stepped forward and is working hard to get a full list of canvassers to replace those who have stepped down. Ron suggested some discussion on name change from GLPOA to GLBPOA to include Bonnechere River.
Ron suggested partnering with the Real Estate Brokers in the area to increase membership to new waterfront owners. Kate to talk with Gayle Jacques regarding taking the lead for the area regarding this idea.
Kate stated that the packages need to include more septic tank packages.

Membership contest for 3yr paid membership. There were 30 tickets. Newcomer, Dan Ralph pulled the winner, Congratulations Marlene Randell!!!

First Canvasser meeting to be held at The Sands 10 am May 20 & 27, 2017.

2. Corporate Advertisers Review – Ron Rimmer/Don O’Reilly
Ron shared that we are fortunate to have such a generous and supportive business community. We have all 30 billboard sponsors coming back to support GLPOA. There are still 6/7 Corporate sponsors still waiting to come aboard. Don will contact these sponsors and discuss adding 7 blocks to the existing billboard. Don will get confirmation before a motion to spend the money to add the panels. Don shared that his role is to communicate with all the sponsors, while Ron’s role is the bookwork and letter writing. Kudos!!!
*Ron noted that he is looking for someone to take over the Corporate Sponsorship. If anyone is interested or know someone who may be interested, please let Ron or Don know.
Don & Ron to write up a Blurb on the sponsors for the newsletter.

3. Lake Stewardship Lake/River – Glenn Bingham
Buoys: Glenn stated that he is looking into having students help identify buoys by GPS. Focus is to improve communication and traceability. Glenn will send this information to Jay/Eric for feedback and buoy replacement.
Water Levels: Chairman of water level Bob Richard has stepped down. Ron and Glenn had been monitoring Golden Lake and Round Lake water levels which has increased in the past few days. Monitoring of water levels will continue.
Smelt Harvest :Glenn has been monitoring and expects to see them running within the week. Glenn will submit an article to the Eganville Leader regarding the Smelt fry.

Fish Committee: Glenn shared that the Ministry is geared to Walleye watch. Discussion regarding removal of predators (smelt). Next year they will be looking at Black Crappie. Glenn will continue to share information with the Ministry. Glenn noted continued work with Department of Oceans/Fishery in putting Golden Lake back on the radar.

4. Communications – Don O’Reilly for Allison Wood
AGM: The date of the 2017 AGM was discussed and it will be July 8, 2017 due to Canada 150. Don discussed guest speakers for the event. Don has 50% of the sponsors confirmed. Don shared that David Murphy of the Bonnechere Valley Fire Chief would be available to discuss fire safety. Discussion around a second guest speaker; Gerald Tracy or Fred Blackstien to discuss Volunteerism.
Invitations will go out to all 3 surrounding Townships to attend the AGM.
Newsletters: Allison to profile 2 past and 2 present volunteers in the newsletter.

Website: – Ron stated that Chris/Allison are looking at improvements and searching other property associations for feedback. Any input please submit to Chris.

5. Other Items –
Poker Run: Ron and Don will take care of the Poker Run page for the newsletter
Ron to reach out to White Water Brewery as a sponsor and to set up a Beer tent.
Promotions: Kate and Glenn to research some kits samples from Imprint and bring back information to next meeting. Sharon to look into a video clip to capture the essence of GLPOA as public education.
Glenn suggested honoring past GLPOA members at the AGM and Ron shared a special gift idea for those members.
KLPOA have reached out to Ron to obtain feedback on GLPOA’s success.

May 6, 2017 Membership meeting at Golden Sands 10 am
June 3, 2017 Board Meeting – 9:30 am at The Sands
June 10, 2017 Fish Fry at The Sands
July 8, 2017 AGM

NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be June 3, 2017 at The Sands on Golden Lake.

MOTION: To adjourn time – 12:45pm