September 24, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting

P.O. BOX 99


DATE: Saturday Sept 24, 2016 – Sands

PRESENT: President DonO’Reilly Vice President Ron Rimmer, Secretary Marion Fuder(in for Sharon),Treasurer Rick O’Brien, Glenn Bingham, Kate O’Hara, Chris Hamilton, Sandy Nash, Allison Wood, Bill Gardner

ABSENT: Kevin O’Connor, Sharon Neff, Bob Richer, Phil Godon

CALL TO ORDER at 9:30 am.


Don welcomed everyone and noted a hats off to the Float Committee; Glenn & Heather Bingham and Kate O’Hara.

Motion: Approve Minutes of last meeting. Sandy Nash Seconded: Ron Rimmer Carried

TREASURER’S REPORT: Rick O’Brien. The Treasurer submitted a report from Sept 22, 2016 on the finances of the Association, showing deposits of $2980.00, disbursements of $2449.00, and interest from the savings account being $1.02. The final balance to date in the chequing account is $12,628.32, Savings balance is $3,790.85 for a total = $16,419.17
MOTION: To accept the Treasurer’s Financial Reports of Sept 22, 2016


1. Lake Stewardship: Glenn Bingham
a)Buoy marking – all members identified and recommended that timing, placing and removal of buoys be noted.
b)Water levels – Glen and Rob are monitoring – levels are normal.
c)Water Quality – is very good, there is some concern but not worried about algae blooms.
d)Fish Committee –There is a tentative date for smelt fry June 10/17.
e)Gratitude was expressed by Red Pine Camp for the work GLPOA has done, they want to be more involved.
f)Water Hazards – at Tramore Bridge; a safety sign has been erected.

2. Corporate Advertisers Review – Ron
There were 4 delinquent accounts, they have been contacted.
Membership: Is almost complete. Zone 5 is incomplete; Kevin will work on this. Allison suggested that emailing members may improve numbers. Chris has email to send out to members who paid last year but not yet this year. It will go out soon. Ron & Kevin will follow up on non-payers. Number to FOCA is 458, Membership is stable. It was suggested to buy plastic bags with handle for packages to be left at the door.
Volunteer Appreciation Day: Sept 8, 2016 was very successful. KUDOS to Ron, Don, Gwen, Corinne.
Interlake Meeting Review: Ron Rimmer
Sept 10, 2016. There were 11 lake associations involved. GLPOA called “gold standard” for associations. Muskrat Lake considered a “dead lake” they have no association but a committee has been formed to try to remedy problems. Aylen Lake Association has asked for advice. GLPOA is hosting the interlake meeting Sept 2017. It was noted the importance of encouraging the younger generation.

3. Communication – Allison Wood
There will be a notice in the Winter Newsletter re a “youth” organization to encourage participation in Lake Stewardships. Please submit ideas for Winter Newsletter to Allison eg, Fish, Water Quality from Glenn, Membership. Membership contest: Prize = gift card and free membership for 2018 for 3 winners who pay on-line or by mail by April 1st or by person.
Newsletter : will be out Feb 1/17, submissions by mid Jan. Photo of Directors to be posted in the newsletter (it’s at Eganville leader). It was noted to mention winter activities eg;cross country skiing in Brudenell, snowmobiling.

AGM : July 8, 2017

FOCA Meeting – Nov 12/16 Glenn & Ron will attend. Application forms to be submitted which will include the many activities and projects of GLPOA.

WEBSITE: Needs improvements! Eg links, Ads may be a source of revenue. Chris and Allison will work on forming a committee to “own” our website.
Motion: New website committee Moved: Ron Rimmer Seconded: Glenn Bingham Carried

4. Promotions: Kate O’Hara
Kat brought samples of bags. Kate to check with “T Imprint” for prices and have something ready for the AGM with one sale item and 3 inserts for membership packages.

New Business:
Volunteer Award: We will offer as nomations to the Township Kevin & Gail. Rick to contact the Township.

Well done wall cancelled.
Motion: to replace with plaque Moved: Chris Hamilton Seconded: Kate O’Hara
Maps – New map to be generated for 2018, there are enough left for 2017.

MOTION: to adjourn the meeting. Time – 11:20 am

MOVED: Ron Rimmer SECONDED: Chris Hamilton CARRIED

August 20, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting


DATE: Saturday August 20, 2016 – Chinese Restaurant

PRESENT: President Don O’Reilly, Vice President Ron Rimmer, Past President KevinO’Connor, Treasurer Rick O’Brien, Secretary Sharon Neff, Glenn Bingham, Phil Godon, Chris Hamilton, Marion Fuder, Bill Gardner, Kate O’Hara

ABSENT: Bob Richer, Allison Wood, Gail McPhee, Sandy Nash

CALL TO ORDER at 10 am.


Don welcomed and thanked everyone for coming to the meeting. Welcome back to Bill Gardner who returns in good health. “Shout Out” to Kevin for all his work as Past President. Kate O’Hara has joined the Board; she will work with Ron and Chris on Membership. Welcome Kate!!!


MOTION: To accept the Minutes from June 25/16

The Treasurer submitted a report occurring since June 25/16 report on the finances of the Association, showing deposits of $6463.50, disbursements of $4067.08, and interest from the savings account being $2.90. The final balance to date in the chequing account is $12,097.72, Savings balance is $3,789.83 for a total = $15,887.55 Members agreed that personal names need to be removed under the disbursement list, just list the item. Rick mentioned that he was in agreement when noting any individuals in the treasure’s report, to just list the monetary information not personal names. See attached FOCA membership at $3.25/member which is due soon. Rick inquired if members would allow their email information to be submitted to FOCA to receive newsletters etc. All members agreed they would allow it.
MOTION: To accept the Treasurer’s Financial Reports of Aug 20, 2016
MOVED: Bill Gardner SECONDED: Chris Hamilton CARRIED


Membership– Ron Rimmer/Chris
Chris shared the stats to date. Currently there are 376 members paid compared to this time last year there were 458. It was noted that seasonal cottagers will still be around until Labor Day weekend. Chris tracks each Road and canvasser on a spread sheet and shared the current information regarding complete and incomplete membership stats. Chris is looking at doing the number of roads complete vs incomplete. The Membership committee will look at doing a Blitz in Sept 2016 for those missed via email or phone.

Corporate Advertisers Review – Ron
Ron shared that there only a few Corporate Sponsors left to pay. Rick noted that he will send Ron an updated list regarding those outstanding invoices.

Lake Stewardship Lake/River – Glen Bingham
Water Levels: Bob Richer
It was noted that water levels are higher than this time last year.

Water Quality: Glenn Bingham – Glen’s report for August is that the Lake is very stable. Water quality continues to be monitored regularly with 11 samples vs 3 in the past. Glen is looking at being able to translate the technical elements of water sampling into layman’s terms for the general public to see how comparable our lake is to others.
Water Hazards/Navigation Aids: Glenn Bingham
Glenn noted that GPS locations have been done to verify present map, it is inaccurate, and amendments will be made. Glen suggested forming a committee to work on new map and tighten up markers and where they need to be placed. This will be a fall project that will require more support to complete. For interest it was noted that shoal marker buoys, chains, ropes etc run at a cost of $1200. Glen noted that there are 18 volunteers supporting this task. Glenn again suggested more work needs to happen in confirmation and tracking of marking the buoys. Ron questioned marking the Tramore Bridge with a sign stating “you are now travelling out of GLPOA buoy marking”.

Fish Fry: Glenn Bingham
Glenn noted that the fish committee asked for more communication, they now have a schedule and 3 more members will join this committee.
Boat Launch at Tramore Bridge: Bill Gardner – boat launch well received.
Bill will continue with soft communication with KHR regarding the Tramore boat launch project. Kevin, Don, Glenn and Bill suggested 1-1 Meetings with councils for support.
Newsletter: The members discussed several ideas to improve the newsletter. Keep them coming.

Communications – Don O’Reilly for Allison Wood
Don noted any ideas were welcome. Don to get information on time lines.
Poker Run: Ron thanked everyone and noted that this year was the best year yet!! Kudos gang! The new KidsZone was a great success and will be returning bigger and better next year. Chris and his team were amazing with data entry. The Poker Run netted $4160, and it was noted that we had 1 less participant than last year.
Suggestions for next year: One more person at each station inside. A few more dock stops. Beer tent with draft beer and an optimistic partnership with White Water Brewery. Change the event to a true Charity event. New Music. It was noted that the profits from the poker run were $1500.
MOTION: To give $500 to Killaloe Food Bank, $500 to Eganville Food Bank, $500 to Fishing Committee.
MOVED: Ron Rimmer SECONDED: Bill Gardner CARRIED
AGM: Kevin reviewed the July 2nd AGM and noted that the Procedural Manual was a good road map to follow. Kevin gave Kudos to Ron/Chris for the sound system and computer with Power point that ran smoothly. Kevin noted that 3 townships were present and look forward to returning for future AGM meetings. It was noted that the invitation for the mayors went to the special events Co-ordinator and a copy to the mayor. Kevin noted he had good feedback from the public. Terry Rees enjoyed his time at the Sands; visiting with Kevin and Maureen. Continue the agenda with the Sponsors on the back. Although attendance was low the feedback was positive of those in attendance. More discussion will occur in future meetings regarding the date for 2017, it was noted that next year is the 150th Anniversary for Canada. All members were asked to think about a possible guest speaker for next year and a possibly timing the lucky draws differently.

Procedural Manuals: Phil noted that he can standardize all manuals and make all manuals similar. Some discussion about the Poker Run manual and similarly for the Buoy marking.

Volunteer Appreciation Night : Marion confirmed it was being held at the Lutherlynn Camp , 909 Zadow Road Sept 8, 2016 from 4-7pm. Food will be provided vs a pot luck. Gwen and Corrine will be making pulled pork sandwhiches, coleslaw and potato salad. Music will be a medley played on an ipod. It was discussed to have the event on a Saturday vs during the week to get more people out. It was noted that the camp may be in use Saturdays.

Interlake Meeting: Sept 10/16 at the Sands on Golden Lake will be hosting. It was noted that Don, Ron, Kevin and Glenn possibly attending.
FOCA fall/spring: Nov 5/16 Ron, Kate and Don to attend. FOCA awards are nominating for the Best Lake Association deadline Nov 15/16. Don/Ron are putting together a portfolio, Don to email this to members.
New Directors: Welcome Kate! Glenn to talk with Dan & Ralph re-joining GLPOA.
Promotions: Marion noted that polo shirt sales are down. Members discussed other options for promotional items.
Melissa Bishop Parade: Kevin noted the parade to occur Sept 10/16 to welcome home Melissa Bishop and suggested GLPOA put in a float. Glenn to follow up regarding GLPOA entering a float. Glenn will email members with more information. The float committee is asking for $50-$100 to the MelissaBishop Parade Fund.
MOTION: To send $100 from Poker Run to fund Melissa Bishop Parade

MOTION: Kevin stated it was a standing motion to pay expenses to attend FOCA.

NEXT MEETING: Don to email the Directors regarding the next meeting.

MOTION: to adjourn the meeting. Time – 12:40pm

July 2, 2016 AGM Minutes



P.O. BOX 99



DATE: Saturday, July 2, 2016

LOCATION: Killaloe Public School, Killaloe, Ontario


President Kevin O’Connor welcomed everyone to the Annual General Meeting of the Golden Lake Property Owners Association. He mentioned that this year is the 12th anniversary of the Association. He introduced himself and his wife Maureen, and shared the history of GLPOA with fond memories of the original steering committee and compliments to Membership numbers past/present. Kevin stated that this year GLPOA has invited Township Rep’s to bring information about their community to share with the public. Kevin noted that this information was available on tables at the back of the gym.


Secretary Sharon Neff reported that the minutes of the 2015 Annual General Meeting had been on the GLPOA website in 2015 and 2016.

MOTION: To accept the minutes of Annual General meeting of July 4, 2015.

MOVED: Dorothy Corbeil SECONDED: Dave Lemkay CARRIED


Treasurer Rick O’Brien presented the Financial Summary for the operating year ending March 31, 2016, showing a starting balance on April 1, 2015 of $13,007.73, Revenue of $23,173.26, Disbursements of $20,723.91, and a balance on March 31, 2016 of $15,457.08. (This includes Chequing and Savings Account)

The Treasurer reported that the 2015-2016 financial records had been reviewed by Michael J. Afelskie, Certified Management Accountant (retired), of Golden Lake. He reported that “No errors or omissions were found. The cheque register, financial statement, and supporting documents were all in perfect order”. The financial report is attached to these minutes and approval note by Micheal J Afelskie.

MOTION: To accept the Treasurer’s Report of March 31, 2016.


Special Presentation : Jeff Muzzi, Central Ontario Forestry Awareness

Introduction by Dave Lemkay.

Jeff highlighted the importance of communication for a successful Association. Jeff shared his past working history which took him to such places as Northern Ontario to his current place of work at the Renewable Fuel Facility in Renfrew Ontario. Jeff stated he is a third generation Forrester with a passion for Educating the public about the Forestry industry. Jeff discussed Forestry regeneration and managing the whole system as the essential service of the forest and it’s success is proven by a well managed forest. Jeff discussed forest management in Ontario with a size of 107.6 M hectars in size,71.1M hectares of the province is forest. That’s 66%! Jeff noted that the Crown Forest Sustainability Act (1994) brought new Legislation, a Forest Management Plan and an Eco System. A multi disciplinary approach to planning. Jeff summarized the importance of local citizen’s representation and public consultation being very key to this plan. Benefits, Jeff noted keeping the industry local means employment in the area, Killaloe, Barry’s Bay and in Eganville there are 2000 jobs in this area. These jobs have spin off jobs for others such as mechanics, tires etc and in turn these mills support their local communities. Challenges, Jeff shared, how our forests are managed. Sustainable managed forests contribute to navigating climate change. Jeff noted that we need to get the message out there that forests are our life blood. How can we support? Follow on twitter, #ittakesaforest, become a member of

Dave Lemkay thanked Jeff for sharing his great wealth of information and opened the floor up for questions.


Dave Lemkay/ Gail McPhee (State of officers/nominating committee) introduced the 2016-2017 Executive and Board of Directors. The Executive and Board of Directors list is attached to these minutes.

Motion: To accept the officers nominated for GLPOA Executive and Board of Directors.

Moved: Katie O’Hara Seconded: Gail McPhee Carried


Kevin O’Connor introduced Terry Rees and noted that Terry has been the Executive Director of FOCA since 2004. FOCA is the largest land owner Association. Terry shared the history leading up to his involvement with FOCA. Terry noted that he began as a volunteer with the local Association in Apsley as the President and volunteered with FOCA. Terry noted there are two main objectives of FOCA, 1) To actively communicate and educate property owners about environmental stewardship and other important issues. Helping local volunteer lake associations thrive 2) To advocate for sound public policy on water-related issues. Terry stated that FOCA’s Mission is to protect thriving and sustainable waterfront across Ontario. One of FOCA’s most important goals it to encourage stewardship on the part of every waterfront property owner. FOCA works hard to try to have geographic representation with a corporate lawyer office in Peterborough with small paid staff and lots of volunteers. Terry echoed Jeff’s previous statement regarding the importance of public education. Terry noted that the fall AGM, Newsletter and publications and website are all ways to share information with the public. Terry noted that FOCA is currently working on the following; Land use planning, Great lakes Partner Program, Fisheries Act, Policy Cost, Hydro Rates, Experimental Lake, Invasive Species Prevention and Monitoring Program and Cottage Succession Seminar Series. Terry stated that in 2015 FOCA had 510 member associations representing a total of 50,000 property-owning families across the province. Terry stressed the vital importance of volunteers in the succession of local associations.

Kevin thanked Terry and offered a gift on behalf of GLPOA.

Volunteerism: Kevin recognized John Gulland with his extensive list of roles within GLPOA over the past years. Kevin noted the success of GLPOA due to the involvement and skill of John, who at this time has decided to step down from GLPOA. Kevin presented John with a gift. Kevin also recognize Gail McPhee, who has many years of passion and expertise within GLPOA. Gail also is stepping down at this time. Kevin also presented Gail with a gift. Katie O’Hara also spoke gratitude of Gail’s involvement and commitment to GLPOA.

Glen Bingham presented Kevin, John and Gail with current Cottage Life Magazine signed on the report in the magazine on invasive species.

Ron Rimmer presented a special gift to Kevin O’Connor as he is moving onto Past President from President.

Draws were held for 5 prizes donated by GLPOA Corporate Sponsors:

1.From the Cottage Cup – “gift certificate”

Draw winner – Bill Larmond – Island View Drive

2.From Gord McMillan – DVD

Draw winner – Dean Bergstresser – Island View Drive

3.From Gwen Stewart- Massage kit

Draw winner – Petra Vornweg – Island View Drive

4.From GLPOA – Lady’s matching shirt/cap

Draw winner – Janet Pinder – Hawkins Drive

5.From Golden Lake Chinese Restaurant – Dinner for two

Draw winner – Allastier Shultz – Eady Road

COFFEE BREAK – Courtesy of The Cottage Cup, Golden lake


Local entertainer Beaulah Buckwald entertained with music and stories.



INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIPS: Ron Rimmer reported that the membership numbers increase every year. Ron noted that 32 canvassers cover 11 zones on a large lake. Ron stated that a membership goal would be a stretch, but to achieve 75% membership in North Algona Wilberforce, Bonnechere Valley and the Reserve. He advised that a new method of payment of membership fees was initiated – etransfer last year and is still being used. He mentioned that GLPOA was in the top 10 of number of Associations in the Federation of Ontario Cottage Associations, FOCA. He noted that Chris Hamilton was the record keeper maintaining an extensive database of membership information, and also organizes the distribution of annual membership collection packages, collection of fees, and membership emails. He stated that volunteers are needed to assist with the collection of annual fees.

CORPORATE SPONSORS: Ron Rimmer reported that there are 30 spaces for commercial advertising on the four boat launch sign boards located at the boat launching locations at Deacon Bridge, Tramore Bridge, Bonnechere Lodge Road, and Islandview Road. All are being used by our Corporate Sponsors. He asked that GLPOA members frequent and support our corporate sponsors. Ron noted that there are 6 new Corporate Sponsors interested in being included on the four advertising boards.


Glenn Bingham noted that people are aware of the Stewardship and he noted that there are also five other committees that fall under this category: Water Quality, Water Levels, Buoy Placement, Tramore Boat Launch and the Fishing Committee.

WATER SAFETY: Bill Gardner. Water safety is under the watchful eye of Bill Gardner and his latest project the installation of a boat launching ramp on the Bonnechere River in close proximity to the Tramore bridge has been completed and is in use. The purpose of the proposed site is to provide easier access to the River and reduce roadside congestion. This will make the area close to the bridge much safer for all.

WATER QUALITY: Glenn Bingham. As previously communicated in the Spring Newsletter, the frequency and number of locations for water samples that are drawn from the lake this year will double.

Glen noted that they have responded to issues in and around the lake immediately. Glen noted he responded to a reported oil spill and dead fish. After investigation it was determined the oil spill was agricultural run off and the fish death is attributed to the stress of spawning.

WATER LEVEL: Bob Richer. Water levels continue had been monitored by John Gulland. For the past seven years John has been very quietly, yet extremely diligently, addressed our issues and interests. John is a member of the Bonnechere River Watershed Management Plan (BRWMP) and he sits on the Standing Advisory Committee. John is stepping down and Bob Richer will now monitor the water levels. Interested members can obtain up-to-date water level information on the GLPOA website

Glenn Bingham noted that maps/shoal markings are dependent on water levels. If anyone is interested Glenn and Heather have a table here today with information, maps and Ministry information.

FISHING: Glen Bingham noted a successful partnership with Cottage Cup and NAW volunteers at their first Fish Fry of harvested smelts. Glen noted that next year’s Fish Fry will be hosted at The Sands, Cottage Cup will still partner with them. Glen noted that their partnership with Ministry of Environment is important and well respected. Glen noted also that they are learning about issues affecting Walleye and target through priority basis of 15 different issues, which have been identified. Volunteers are welcome.

SHOAL / HAZARD MARKING: Eric Weckworth continues to spearhead this program. He is ably supported by seventeen other volunteers to ensure placement, removal, maintenance and storage of the markers and buoys. All efforts are made to have the buoys in place prior to the long weekend in May and removed after Labour Day in September.


Ron Rimmer reported in Allison Wood’s absence.

1.The AGM new email is

2.Face Book is new this year at 120 members strong and climbing.

3.Winter and Spring Newsletters with particular note of the corporate sponsors pages in the Spring Newsletter. Also noted the Spring/Summer newsletter 8 pages in total. Great feedback from membership that the newsletter is a great resource.

4.Membership with annual visits by the canvassers with a note that this is a top focus of GLPOA. There is a great need for a strong voice on the lake and a need for more canvassers.

5.The Website that contains meeting minutes, useful articles, pictures, sponsors and notices.The website will be revisited in the fall of 2016.

6.Promotional wear being t-shirts, hats and sweaters. Marion Fuder to continue on with Promotions.

Members were asked to make sure that email addresses are supplied to GLPOA and are up-to date.

POKER RUN July 28, 2016: Ron Rimmer reported that the Poker Run is being held on

July 28, and that $25 registration packages will be available in advance. The Sands on

Golden Lake once again is the registration center of the event. There will be approximately $3000 in prizes for poker hands, best decorated boat, and draw prizes. Ron mentioned a new feature, the Kidszone which will be run by Mary Beatty, Sharon Neff and helpers. He also thanked the corporate sponsors for their continued support.

Draws were held for 7 prizes donated by GLPOA Corporate Sponsors:

6.From Walkers Landing – Dinner for two

Draw winner – George Wouda – Mundt Bay Lane

7.From Gord McMillan – Framed print

Draw winner – Donna Nicholson – Nien Mar Lane

8.The Sands – Spa Pedicure for two

Draw winner – Jim Roberston – McMillan Road

9.BMR in Eganville – Coleman Outdoor Cook Stove

Draw winner – Denise Bergstresser – Island View Drive

10.Gayle Jacques @ Royal Lepage – $100 cash

Draw winner – Enzo Palladin – Nien Mar Lane

11.Doreen Dunn – Scully painting

Draw winner – Abi Buch – L’Escale Lane

12.A & A Resorts – A cottage for two for two nights

Draw winner – Norma Barley – Highway 60

13.McMillan’s Cabins – One night with three meals for two

Draw winner – Andreas Vornweg – Island View Drive

14.Bonnechere Lodge – Housekeeping cottage for two nights

Draw winner – Beulah Buchawald – Great Heron Lane

15.The Sands – One night with breakfast & Dinner

Draw winner – Debbie Bouchard – L’Escale Lane

CLOSING REMARKS: Don O’Reilly thanked special guests Terry Rees and Jeff Muzzi, as well as the wonderful entertainment by Beulah Buchawald. Don gave special reflections to now Past President, Kevin O’Connor for his role in GLPOA. Don thanked Dave Lemkay and Gail McPhee a wonderful nominating committee, Chris Hamilton for his technical wonders and Ron Rimmer for their support in making the 12th Annual AGM of GLPOA successful.


MOTION: To adjourn the Golden Lake Property Owners Association 2016 Annual General Meeting – 12:15 PM.

MOVED: Gail McPhee SECONDED: Glenn Bingham CARRIED

June 25, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting


P.O. BOX 99



DATE: Saturday June 25, 2016 – Chinese Restaurant

PRESENT: President Kevin O’Connor, Don O’Reilly, Secretary Sharon Neff, Glenn Bingham, Ron Rimmer, Phil Godon, Chris Hamilton, Sandy Nash

ABSENT: Marion Fuder, Rick O’Brien, Bob Richer, Bill Gardner, Allison Wood, Vice President Gail McPhee

CALL TO ORDER at 10 am.


Kevin opened the meeting with a warm welcome to everyone and to our first meeting of this year at the Chinese Restaurant.

#1 PREVIOUS MINUTES APPROVAL: It was noted that an amendment to the previous minutes of May 28, 2016 should reflect the President be changed to Kevin O’Connor and Vice President to Gail McPhee. It was also noted by Kevin O’Connor to remove item #3 Lake Stewardship from the minutes.

The minutes will be amended by the Secretary and sent out via email for approval by the president Kevin O’Connor.

#2 TREASURER’S REPORT: Don O’Reilly submitted a report in the absence of Rick O’Brien. The Treasurer submitted a report occurring from May 28, 2016 to June 25, 2016 report on the finances of the Association, showing deposits of $2835.75, disbursements of $3822.96, and interest from the savings account being $1.45. The final balance to date in the chequing account is $10,905.59, Savings balance is $3,786.93 for a total = $14,692.52 Members agreed that personal names need to be removed under the disbursement list, just list the item.

MOTION: To accept the Treasurer’s Financial Reports of June 25, 2016



1.Membership– Ron Rimmer

Chris shared the membership stats to date. The Directors discussed the stats as of today compared to those of last year at this time. Summer holidays are just beginning therefore seasonal land owners may not be residing at their cottages yet. Chris reported that the drop box at Sands for Membership fees will not continue next year as numbers have been low this year. Chris suggested perhaps Canvassers drop off their money to Zone leaders next year. Members discussed the idea of the Corporate Sponsors as members. Ron reported that the 7 new Sponsors will be added to the sign at Tramore. GLPOA will look into this further in the fall. Ron reported that 24 of the current 30 Corporate Sponsors have paid to date.

2.Corporate Advertisers Review – Ron

Chris suggested he could enter the GLPOA Sponsors into our database to keep track of them and communicate more efficiently. Sharon will get sponsor information to Chris.

3.Lake Stewardship Lake/River – Glenn Bingham

Water Levels:

Glenn continues to keep track of the water levels for Golden Lake, Round Lake and the Bonnechere River.

Water Quality: Glen reported that they have responded to an oil spill in a timely manner. Glen is also noticing that the general public is aware of GLPOA and report changes. GLPOA has responded to these reports appropriately. Phil/Glenn are currently working on a procedural manual. Bill Clarke is interested in learning about water quality. Glenn noted it would be beneficial for others to be educated about water quality.

Water Hazards/Navigation Aids:

Glenn suggested more work needs to happen in confirmation and tracking of marking the buoys.

Fish Fry:

Glenn reported the results from the fish fry. Glenn stated that the number of volunteer hours for this process from start to finish were equivalent to 168 hours. Glenn stated that next year the advertising be managed by a volunteer. The whole process from start to finish of harvesting the smelt met all expectations according to the MNR. Golden Sands is interested in hosting the event next year with the Cottage Cup. Kudos Glenn!!

MNR meeting:

Glenn reported the meeting went well. The MNR is very impressed with GLPOA and all their hard work. Kudos to Glenn on such a positive relationship with the MNR.

Boat Launch at Tramore Bridge:

Kevin stated that further discussion regarding this topic will occur at future meetings.

4.Communications – Kevin O’Connor

AGM: Kevin suggested that any slides that any of the Directors wish to provide for the AGM be submitted to Ron. Kevin went through the Agenda for the AGM with Discussion and questions around additions. Ron noted the addition of Jeff Muzzi Central Ontario Forestry Conservation under Special Presentation.

Don will contact the Eganville Leader to make copies of the Agenda for the AGM and officially invite them to the AGM.

Kevin discussed ideas around entertaining our guest Speaker Terry Rees and his wife. Kevin and Maureen O’Connor will pick up Terry & his wife by boat at the Golden Sands July 1, 2016 and give them a tour of the Lake. They will also escort them to the Fireworks in Killaloe. Kevin suggested meeting July 2, 2016 at 7am for breakfast for those Directors who come to meet Terry before the AGM. Kevin will email with further details.

Don/Ron to use the procedural manual for the AGM with guidance from Kevin.

Kevin noted that there was a need for signs for the AGM to make sure everyone entering gets a ticket.

Lucky Draws – Don/Ron suggested that our guest speaker Terry Rees to pull the names. Ron will create a slide for the Power point with the Sponsors of the Lucky Draws.

Rick O’Brien will be responsible for the payment of Beuala Buckwald(entertainment) of $100 at the AGM.

Kevin requested all those available for set Thursday June 30, 2016 be at KPS from 1-3 pm. Kevin will send out any other information or updated regarding the AGM by email this week.


Ron circulated an organizational chart which will be included in the procedural manuals to help new Directors understand GLPOA process. Kevin noted that some positions still needed to be filled.

Volunteer Appreciation: Final details around date, food/prize preferences to continue further at future meeting.

Pow Wow- taking place Aug 20/21, 2016 Glenn/Sandy discussed payment for the booth.

Glenn suggested a power point running at the booth as well to educate the public about GLPOA and possible recruitment of new Directors. Due to time this will be discussed further at the next meeting.

Poker run – next meeting July 9, 2016

Role of Secretary – Kevin reported and shared the history of the role of Secretary. Kevin stated the duties as outlined by himself for the role of Secretary. Kevin engaged the Directors in a discussion around a paid individual taking on some of these duties as they surpass the expectations of a volunteer.

Motion: To hire someone part-time as a trial for a year, an Administrative Secretary to GLPOA to work under the Secretary. To carry out duties outlined in the Charter as Secretary, the sum not to exceed $1500/year.

Moved: Don O’Reilly Seconded: Chris Hamilton Carried

Kevin’s last meeting: Kevin addressed the Directors regarding this being his last meeting. Kevin stated his pleasure in being part of GLPOA and the pride in watching it’s growth. Kevin commended the work done in the past and praised the future of GLPOA. Thank you for your passion and dedication to GLPOA Kevin. Your efforts and open approach are certainly a reflection of its success!!!!

NEXT MEETING: Don to email the Directors regarding the next meeting.


MOTION: to adjourn the meeting. Time – 12:05pm


May 28, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting

P.O. BOX 99


DATE: Saturday May 28, 2016 – Sands on Golden Lake

PRESENT: President Kevin O’Connor, Vice President Don O’Reilly, Treasurer Rick O’Brien, Glenn Bingham, Ron Rimmer, Chris Hamilton, Marion Fuder,
Bob Richer

ABSENT: Sandy Nash, Sharon Neff, Bill Gardner, Allison Wood, Phil Godon.

CALL TO ORDER at 10 am.


Kevin welcomed everyone. Kevin commended the work done from the Canvasers organizing meeting. Well done! Excellent newsletter. Good news, Berndt Road Transfer site will be open.
Events- Exposure through Fish fry, Smelt Catch, Poker Run, “Invasive Species” T-shirts.

MOTION: To accept the minutes of April 16, 2016.
MOVED: Don O’Reilly SECONDED: Glenn Bingham CARRIED

TREASURER’S REPORT: The Treasurer submitted an May 28, 2016 report on the finances of the Association since April 16, 2016, showing(chequing acct) deposits of $3,940.00, disbursements of $4,924.73, and interest from the savings account being $1.40. Total GLPOA balances May 26, 2016, Chequing $$10,688.58, Savings $3785.48, Total = $14,474.06.
MOTION: To accept the Treasurer’s Financial Reports of May 28, 2016
MOVED: Chris Hamilton SECONDED: Don O’Reilly CARRIED


1. Membership– Ron Rimmer
KUDOS to Chris!! The Canvaser’s meeting went extremely well. Chris will purchase a new laptop. “Printer budget” $700.

MOTION: A motion was forwarded that a sum not to exceed $700 be allocated to purchase a laptop and printer to be used for GLPOA business.
MOVED: Ron Rimmer SECONDED: Glenn Bingham CARRIED

2. Corporate Advertisers Review – Ron Rimmer
GLPOA has contracted KHR Township to move/install the sign NEW BOAT RAMP- approximate cost will be $500.

3. Lake Stewardship Lake/River – Glenn Bingham
Buoy Programme: Volunteers needed, communication required e.g. when is lake fully marked?
Fish fry: Some tickets sold, more ads to come. There have been 4000 smelt harvested and 400 sittings. Subsection of GLPOA but it gives us exposure.

4. Communications – updates underway
AGM: Tables “ Special Events” from all the Townships & Pikwakanagan. Audio equipment has been secured. Set up June 30/16 from 1-3 pm. Handout attached re-AGM Agenda.
Appreciation: Certificate for Cottage Cup and gifts for retired officers. Any supports from speakers send to Ron a.s.a.p.

5. Other Items –
Poker Run: Discussion regarding where funds go.

Discussion re Exposure: How can we reach out to non-members?
Ideas: article in Eganville Leader?
Improve website? – Allison
*Information re: “clicks:(hits) to be gathered.

Procedural Manuals: have been composed and distributed.

Promotions: 2016 Polo Shirts

Logo- consistency i.e. see picture on 2016 newsletter.

Lake Partnership Programme: We are enrolled; this compares us to other lakes.

June 25, 2016- members to be contacted by email.
June 30, 2016 AGM set up 1-3 pm Killaloe School
July 2, 2016 AGM Killaloe School – 8am

NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be June 25, 2016 at the Chinese Restaurant, Golden Lake. .

MOTION: To adjourn time – 11:55 am

MOVED: Rick O’Brien SECONDED: Marion Fuder CARRIED

April 16, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting


DATE: Saturday April 16, 2016 – Sands on Golden Lake

PRESENT: President Kevin O’Connor, Past President Gail McPhee, Vice President Don O’Reilly, Secretary Sharon Neff, Treasurer Rick O’Brien, Allison Wood, Glenn Bingham, Ron Rimmer, Phil Godon, Chris Hamilton, Bill Gardner, Bob Richer

ABSENT: Marion Fuder, Sandy Nash

CALL TO ORDER at 10 am.


The President welcomed Sharon Neff who has accepted the position of Secretary.

MOTION: To appoint Sharon Neff as Secretary of GLPLOA. It is noted that Sharon has been appointed by resolution.



The Secretary reported that the FOCA (Federation of Ontario Cottagers Associations) Insurance information has been sent out to all members of the Board. The Insurance cost for 2015/2016 is $1825.20.


MOTION: To accept the minutes of September 24, 2015.

MOVED: Bill Gardiner SECONDED: Ron Rimmer CARRIED

TREASURER’S REPORT: The Treasurer submitted an April 16, 2016 report on the finances of the Association, showing deposits of $2334.68, disbursements of $8271.48, and interest from the savings account being $9.92. The “final” Financial Report for the operating year end March 31, 2016, shows Revenues of $23,173.26. Expenditures of $20,723.91, and carried forward from 2014/2015 $13,007.73, with a balance of $15,457.08.

MOTION: To accept the Treasurer’s Financial Reports of April 16, 2016

MOVED: Bill Gardiner SECONDED: Chris Hamilton CARRIED

FOCA CONFERENCE: As was approved at the September 24 meeting, Kevin O’Connor and Don O’Reilly attended the FOCA Conference March 5, 2016. They reported on events at the Conference.

Expenses for the Board members for attendance at meetings and conferences was discussed, and it was decided to establish a policy for expenses.


1.Membership– Ron Rimmer

Membership meeting is scheduled for May 11, 2016.Ron discussed the remaining zones that still required volunteers. The remaining zones include 3,8 & 10. Ron to confirm with Julie Davis for zone3. All areas have confirmation of volunteers needed.

Ron is currently working on an email list for canvassers for communication purposes while Don is working on zone lists. Ron inquired about kit bags for the canvassers with some discussion.

MOTION: To purchase 150 kit bags not exceeding $450.00.


2.Corporate Advertisers Review – Ron Rimmer

There are 30 sponsors currently with 7 more on the waiting list. There was discussion about how to add extra spaces to billboard. Invoices have been sent out and are on file. It was noted that Don and Ron worked on and completed the Corporate Manual. Sharon Neff has agreed to take on Corporate Sponsorship. Sharon, Don, Kevin and Ron will meet the new owners of the Chinese Restaurant immediately following the Directors meeting today.

3.Lake Stewardship Lake/River – Glenn Bingham

Water Quality: Glenn noted that they expanded their water sampling to include 3 more sites and increasing the frequency of sampling. This year they will be joining the lake partner program with MNRF and OFHA to be compared to Provincial Standards. It was noted that Phil and Glenn’s work on the procedure outline manual.

Water Levels:

Bob Richer monitors the lake levels taking over from long time expert and chair of water levels John Gulland. The statistics and water level averages are available from Glenn Bingham. The reports will be posted on the website .

Bob and John to work with GLPOA in regard to water levels and progression of ice melting. It was noted that Round Lake water levels are lower at this time while Golden Lake water level is at its upper limit of comfort. Concerns were discussed around the large amounts of snow yet to melt, water levels will be continued to be monitored during the spring melt.

Water Hazards/Navigation Aids:

Eric Weckworth and Jay Foran will coordinate GPS markings of the water hazard marker buoys and navigation aids.

MOTION: Glenn to follow up with distribution of buoys.

MOVED: John Gulland SECONDED: Bill Gardiner CARRIED


Minutes will be taken and shared with Directors. Glenn and Kevin to meet later in the summer to discuss if the fishing committee to be part of GLPOA or stand alone.

Plans are being prepared for the smelt harvest in early 2016.

Boat Launch at Tramore Bridge: Bill Gardner

Bill is preparing to go to the Township for permission of Outhouse and dock to be added to this site. Discussion around responsibility of these items and further discussion with the Township is required. Bill stated he is currently looking into grants to sustain the boat launch area.

4.Communications – Allison Wood

AGM: The date of the 2016 AGM was discussed and it will be July 2, 2016. Set-up will occur Thursday June 30, 2016 from 1-3 pm at Killaloe School. *Volunteers needed. Discussion around best options for greetings from 3 neighboring Townships. Committee reports – to recognize Director of each committee, Golden Lake song to be included on the back of the AGM Agenda. It was decided that all Board members will wear a GLPOA t-shirt at the AGM. Shout out to Allison/Don/Phil and Kevin on their work with the AGM procedural Manual. Guest speaker Terry Rees to receive a GPLOA hoodie, his wife to be gifted a spa card.

Newsletters: Allison stated the newsletter will be staying in the same format to go to print by April 25, 2016. The newsletter will include goodbyes of outgoing members and hello to incoming members. The AGM will be included on page 2 with new painting/picture to be added. There will be 3 new volunteers recognized for their service. The Bonnechere River, a new article by Cathy Lyons will be included. New pictures for the advertisement of the upcoming Poker Run, Corporate Sponsors will be included with a few changes by Don. The final page will include a full list of Board members. Allison will also include a mention of our Facebook page within the newsletter.

Facebook : Allison stated that our Facebook page is growing with 108 current members.

Website: – New information should be sent to Allison.

5.Other Items –

Poker Run: The Cottage Cup will provide $500 worth of prizes for 2016. Looking for a co-chair. Procedural manual completed for the Poker run. Chris discussed the upgrade to the tracking program for the Poker run which will make things more streamlined.

MOTION: Sum not to exceed $1500 to purchase a P.A. system and projector.

MOVED: Allison Wood SECONDED: Rick O’Brien CARRIED


May 11, 2016 Assembly of Membership kits at Golden Sands 9- 11am

May 14 & 21, 2016 Membership kits distribution – Ron to email Canvassers with details

June 15 Board Meeting – members to be contacted with details by email

June 30, 2016 AGM set up 1-3 pm Killaloe School

July 2, 2016 AGM Killaloe School – 8am

NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be May 28, 2016 at the Sands on Golden Lake.

Don/Rick to prepare a policy for next meeting regarding travel outside the county(ex FOCA)

Dump – request for Sunday opening, to be discussed at North Algona Township Council Meeting April 18, 2016. Bob to send an email to NAW for clarification. .


MOTION: To adjourn time – 1:55 pm.

MOVED: Don O’Reilly SECONDED: Chris Hamilton CARRIED