Two major responsibilities for the GLPOA are:

1. To monitor the quality of water in the river and lake and to promote policies and practices that will preserve and enhance it.

The table below presents the two samples each year from the middle of Golden Lake and are expressed as total phosphorus (TP) in micrograms per litre (/L).

[table color=”white”]

Test Date TP Sample#1 TP Sample#2 TP Average
May 28, 2003 8.2 9.6 8.9
August 14, 2004 8.7 9.2 9.15
May 25, 2008 8.3 8.6 8.45
May 06, 2009 9.2 8.0 8.6
May 05, 2010 9.2 11.6 10.4
May 29, 2011 9.6 9.2 9.4

A level of less than 10 /L is considered a low nutrient count. So far, all indications are that the water in Golden Lake is of good quality.

2. To participate in discussions of the management of water levels and flows in the Bonnechere River watershed and their impact on shoreline erosion and fish habitat.

Members of the GLPOA board of directors attend all key meetings regarding amendments to and monitoring of the implementation of the Bonnechere River Water Management Plan. It appears that the Plan is being implemented appropriately and that high water events that have occurred were mainly the result of weather and snow conditions rather than violations of its provisions. More details are available under Water Quality Reports.