Catch and Release – a better way to go!

The practice of catch and release fishing is becoming more popular each and every day, and is providing many benefits to the environment and to the angling community.

What Is Catch and Release Fishing?

Catch and release is a combination of techniques that create a less injurious experience for fish. This form of sustainable sport fishing allows the thrill of a big catch, while ensuring that fish can be released back into the wild to be caught again by others. The practice seeks to minimize serious injury to fish so that populations can go on to replenish the recreational waterways. It is beneficial to the fish population and helps to keep the aquatic environments in proper ecological balance.

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Environmental advantages

3 Reasons to practice catch and release

How to catch and release

“Share Your Catch” Photo contest!

New this year, the GLPOA Fish Committee is proud to announce a photo contest, to celebrate fishing on Golden Lake and the Bonnechere River and to promote catch-and-release fishing practices.  The contest will run for the summer and fall of 2018, with a winner announced in late 2018.  You can enter the contest by sending a photo of your catch, along with your name, date and general location of the catch, to . Please also include a photo of the released fish, along with its species name, length, girth, estimated weight, and if it has clipped fins (clipped by MNRF). We will publish all entries on our website, for viewing by the general public.  The winning photo will also be featured on a GLPOA catch-and-release poster, to promote the practice.

Note, the contest is not about the biggest fish, but about the best photo of your fishing experience.  So, give us a big smile and tell us your fishing story.

The winner of the contest will be determined by the GLPOA Fish Committee, and will win a free ticket to next years’ GLPOA Smelt Fry, along with the highly coveted bragging rights!  Please note, the decision of the Fish Committee is final.  The winner will be announced by email to the GLPOA membership.

Stephanie Zohr Mundt caught and released this walleye, on the Victoria Day long weekend 2018

This 4 lb pike caught and released by Brian Yourth on 5 July 2018.