Fish Committee launches creel/anglers survey

The GLPOA Fish Committee is launching a creel/angler’s survey in order to gather information about the species of fish being caught in our waterway.

A creel survey will provide an estimation of the number and types of fish caught with an overall goal of assessing the health of game fish in Golden Lake and the Bonnechere River.   The creel survey is part of our larger overall plan to improve the walleye fishery here.

We already know that an overabundance of rainbow smelt is having a detrimental effect on other game species in our waterway and our efforts to promote smelt harvest in the spring are starting to pay off.

Future activities include assessment of spawning beds, continued promotion of the smelt harvest and sharing data gathered with the MNRF in an effort to develop a lake management/fisheries plan.

Please help us by participating in our angler’s survey which can be accessed through this link.  Or, you can find blank surveys in our drop-off mailboxes at any of the public boat launches on Golden Lake, on the back of our sponsor billboards.  Once you have completed filling out a form, you can return it on one of three ways:  place it back in any of the drop-boxes, or email a scan or image of it to, or mail it to:

Golden Lake Property Owners Assocation
Attn : Fish Committee
P.O . Box 99
Golden Lake ON K0J 1X0

The blank survey forms can be found at any of the Golden Lake public boat launches, on the back of the GLPOA sponsor billboards.