Water Testing program

Water testing in Golden Lake is performed via a number of avenues including the Ministry of the Environment’s Lake Partner Program, Renfrew County and District Health Unit as well as individual e-coli tests performed at some businesses with organized and/or supervised beach / water activities. These testing programs provide a comprehensive view of current conditions, historical trends and scientific analysis and comparative results to other Ontario Lakes. 

It is the goal of the GLPOA to not only ensure the water testing is completed in Golden Lake but that full scientific analysis is completed to best track the short term and long term health of the lake. Our enrolment in the LPP versus the private third party testing we completed in the past enables access to the experts who can analyse water samples to identify potential short term issues but also understand the long-term impacts of changes to specific components (e.g. calcium, phosphorus), water temperature and clarity that we might not be aware of. 

In conjunction with the Renfrew County and District Health Unit monitoring we feel we have a comprehensive, reactive and solid long term water testing program in place. 

Lake Partner Program 

The Lake Partner Program is a province-wide, volunteer-based, water-quality monitoring program. Volunteers collect a sample in May and make monthly water clarity observations on their lakes. This information will allow the early detection of changes in the nutrient status and/or the water clarity of the lake due to the impacts of shoreline development, climate change and other stresses. GLPOA is a member of the Lake Partner Program and results of the testing can be found by going to 

https://www.ontario.ca/page/water-sampling-and-testing-inland-lakes and searching for Golden Lake. Online reports can be found for the previous year and in addition historical data is also available. 

Please note that while the ministry will only post results once a year (e.g. the 2021 analysis will be available in 2022) the sponsor of a lake in this case GLPOA will be notified immediately if there are any concerns with the water samples or a scientifically significant change in the trends. In other words, while it takes a while for the results to be posted the water is tested in real time and issues are immediately communicated. In turn, GLPOA would immediately inform our members of any ministry notifications. 

Renfrew County And District Health Unit 

As part of the municipal beach water testing completed by the RCDHU, the Island View Drive Boat Launch (and beach) is regularly tested starting in June of each year. The Health Unit tests for the presence of E-coli and results of the testing can be found here 

https://www.rcdhu.com/healthy-living/safe-water/. Please Note: The results are posted under Island View Drive Boat Launch, Golden Lake. As part of their mandate the Health Unit will post when the presence of dangerous levels of e-coli are present as well as close the beach. 

Individual Businesses

Some businesses with organized and/or supervised beach / water activities are periodically tested for e-coli. This testing is performed by RCDHU. Results are not posted on line, but the individual business would post at their waterfront that it would be closed, if appropriate.

It is imperative to note that historically Golden Lake has had excellent water quality. Ontario has the world’s most strict recreational water quality guidelines for posting beaches due to elevated levels of E. coli.