The CBC covers GLPOA’s Walleye project

The CBC interviewed Jay Foran, Dr. Peter Heinermann, and Don Bishop about GLPOA’s Walleye rehabilitation plan. Click here for the full story. More details on the project, and information about the fish-stocking history of Golden Lake, can be found on our Fish Committee page, along with bios of Jay, Don, Peter, and other members of the GLPOA fish committee who are spearheading this plan.

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Changes to fishing regulations

There have been changes proposed for fishing regulations and fish-stocking strategies in Zone 15, which includes Golden Lake and the Bonnechere River. Click here or click the image below for more information from the co-chairs of the GLPOA Fish Committee, Don Bishop and Dr. Peter Heinermann

Fish Surveys Requested

Don’t forget to fill out a Fish Survey… get a copy by clicking here. Then take a photo of the completed survey and email it to For more information on this program, click here.

Hydro One rate class changes

Seasonal rates no longer exist — click here or click on the image below for more information on changes to Hydro One’s power rates that might affect you

Useful info from FOCA

The Golden Lake Property Owners Association is a member of FOCA, the Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations, and one of the benefits that provides is access to all of the presentations and info they have from across the province. The report you can find here, which is also embedded below, is FOCA’s Lake Stewards report, which looks at some of the issues they are involved with — things like short-term rentals and the problems those can bring, and the ways that some cottagers are getting around property taxes by using floating cabins. There’s also discussion of snow melt issues, and other topics.

The Walleye Rehabilitation Program

As many Golden Lake residents are probably aware, the Walleye population in our lake has deteriorated significantly since the 1980s. Efforts by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry over the past few decades have not produced any measurable changes in this situation. The single biggest reason for this is that Rainbow Smelt, currently the most abundant species in the lake, feed on Walleye fingerlings, so they never reach maturity. Stocking the lake with 2-3 cm Walleye just gives the Smelt more to eat.

The GLPOA fish committee — co-chaired by Don Bishop, a longtime resident of Golden Lake with years of expertise in aquaculture research, and Dr. Peter Heinermann, who has a PhD in fish biology — has come up with a plan to revive the Walleye population in our lake, a plan that has received the support of the MNR, Pikwakanagan, and Round Lake, as well as provincial representatives.

More details can be found in this PDF presentation, as well as this backgrounder, which outlines the plan in more depth. There is also an Excel spreadsheet with details about the fish-stocking history of the lake. These and other documents related to the Walleye Rehabilitation Program can also be found on our Fish Committee page, along with bios of Don, Peter, and other members of the GLPOA fish committee. Here’s to a future of great Walleye fishing!

An overview of fish in Golden Lake

Dr. Peter Heinermann, who has a PhD in aquatic biology and is now co-leading the fish committee for GLPOA along with Don Bishop, gave a presentation at the AGM in 2022 where he went through all of the major species of fish that can be found in Golden Lake. Click here to view a PDF copy of the presentation or click the image below.

GLPOA Summer Scavenger Hunts

We have a winner for the July portion of our summer Scavenger Hunt! Congratulations to Rayah Callon, age 9, who did the Egg Carton Collection version of our hunt. A picture of Rayah’s submission is below:

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Option One: Download the scavenger hunt sheet by clicking on the image below, or by clicking here to open the document for printing (limited laminated copies are also available at the Pharmasave in Golden Lake).

Option Two: For the Egg Carton Collection, drop by the Pharmasave in Golden Lake to pick up a scavenger hunt collection carton, which has instructions inside (limited quantities available).

Send a photo of your completed hunt to for your chance to win ice cream for you and your family from The Cottage Cup in Golden Lake. The next draw will happen at the end of August!

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Upcoming Events

  • GLPOA Annual General Meeting

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