Important information regarding the 2017 Spring Flooding Event of Golden Lake and Bonnechere River

Water sampling:

KHR township residents, please read this Water Sampling dropoff document provided by the KHR township office. Note that this temporary dropoff site is available to KHR residents only.

Road closures:

For a list of road closures and map of affected areas, please visit . This site is supported by the County of Renfrew, along with other counties and municipalities across Ontario.

Lost and found items:

If you have lost or found items on the lake, please visit the GLPOA FaceBook page to see what’s been found, and to list anything you may have recovered.

Flood debris and waste cleanup:

Now that many are starting cleanup efforts, there are different debris disposal options depending upon your township.

Bonnechere Valley:
Please click here to see the BV Flood Waste Management Plan.

North Algona Wilberforce:
Please click here to see the NAW bulk items dropoff notice.

Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards:
There was a flood debris day on Saturday 20 May 2017 and the township is currently working on additional days for this service. When the dates become available, they will be posted on the KHR web site
under the “News” section.

As well, please read the KHR PUBLIC NOTICE re flood recovery 2017 document provided here.

Flood warning still in effect:

Please note the continuation of the Flood Warning bulletin for Renfrew County issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry Pembroke District. There are still hazards and safety issues to be considered.

Added financial relief from the Red Cross:

We have received information from the Canadian Red Cross regarding Disaster Assistance Funding. Any primary residence that has been affected by the lake/river flooding can register with Canadian Red Cross either online or by telephone. Anyone who has already registered with them for previous support is asked to re-register to be eligible for this funding.

See the Red Cross relief document.

Included below are some FAQ’s they have provided and the link to the media release for more details.

Their toll-free number to register is 1-800-863-6582

Their Website is

The Media release notice can be found by clicking here.

Direct financial assistance to flood impacted households:

Thanks to the donations from generous Canadians, all eligible household will receive $600 in direct financial assistance through an electronic bank transfer. Note that is the household amount, not per individual. For people to receive direct financial assistance, they must register with Red Cross. Registration can be done online at or by calling 1-800-863-6582. Included below are a few FAQs:

Who is eligible?
Residents with damage to their primary residence as a result of flooding are eligible to receive assistance (rental properties and cottages for example do not qualify). Red Cross will require proof of address and will verify that addresses have been impacted by flooding through satellite images and will work with local authorities to validate information. We will extend support to all homes impacted by this flood regardless of government designation.

How will assistance be distributed?
This assistance will be distributed via electronic fund transfer.

When will assistance be distributed?
Residents should receive their assistance in 5-7 days following registration – it may take longer for residents to receive their funds.

Why are we giving assistance in the form of cash?
Direct financial assistance provides a user-friendly, easily accessible method to help support emergency assistance based on unique personal needs. This method empowers those affected to determine for themselves exactly what is essential during this difficult time.

How does Canadian Red Cross financial support work with DRAO (Disaster Recovery Assistance – Ontario)?
People impacted by the floods who live in an area activated by DRAO can receive DRAO (as per the application process) AND Red Cross assistance. If people use money from Red Cross on items that they are not including on their DRAO application, they don’t need to do anything. If people use money from Red Cross on items that they are including on their DRAO application, they must indicate that on their application form and this may be deducted from DRAO assistance.

Boating safety:

While boating on Golden Lake and Bonnechere River this season, be sure to look for debris including doors, docks, stairs, firewood, logs, etc. that may be floating or partially submerged. Much has already been seen drifting by on the lake. These hazards may persist for much of the spring and summer.

Shoal and hazard markers will not be placed until the water level recedes.

Financial relief:

The Province of Ontario has activated its Disaster Relief Fund for the flooding event in Renfrew County. There is information about the program, as well as claim forms, on their web site at . Hard copies of the claim forms should also be available at local township offices. Please note the limitations for eligibility, which are listed on the web site. Claims must be submitted by Tuesday, September 5, 2017.

There is also an information phone line for this program, at 1-844-780-8925.


Bonnechere Valley residents needing sandbags can pick them up at Opeongo High School. Bonnechere Valley can deliver large number of 100+ sandbags to residents. Please call Steve at 613.281.1001 or Christine at 613.628.3101. ext 2855 to arrange for delivery. Opeongo High School filled over 4000 sandbags! Thank you Opeongo.

Fresh water is available at the Eganville Tourist Information Centre for affected residents and cottagers as the tap is located at the side of the building near the washroom. Please bring your own containers.


Golden Lake Community Centre
Will be OPEN to Residents Affected By Flooding

Saturday May 13th
8:00am until 6:00pm
Sunday May 14th
8:00am until 6:00 pm

Facility will be open to provide shelter, warmth, washrooms, tea, coffee and bottled water for residents affected by the flooding !!!

Flooding Information Available
Contact for more information

Public Service Announcement from the County of Renfrew – 5 May 2017:

County of Renfrew Receives Assurances from Province on Funding May 2017

General information:

NEW!!  Documents from the Renfrew County and District Health Unit:

Flood Info – Water wells and flooding – Caring for your well – April 27, 17

Well Disinfection Instructions May 2017

What You Should Know About Flooded Septic Systems – May 10, 17

After a flood – the cleanup

Documents concerning wells and septic systems during and after flooding events, from Don Wrigglesworth, the Public Information Officer for Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards Township. Thank you Don!



See the water level rise and fall information by clicking here.