Board of Directors and Zone Reps.

Executive Committee


Phone Number


Kate O’Hara

Island View Dr. 625-1050
Vice President

Dave Clark

Rocky Point Dr. 858-1659

Theresa Rasp

Island View Dr. 592-9424

Livia Vodenicar

Golden Lake Village 401-7629
Lake Steward

Natalie Corbin

Island View Dr. 697-1143
Past President

Ron Rimmer

Hawkins Dr. 401-3590

Directors at Large

Sandy Nash Ininatig Inamo 625-1506
Sylvia Hillier Nien-Mar Lane 451-1710
Chris Hamilton Rocky Point Dr. 889-3148
Allison Wood Hawkins Dr. 601-6000
Don O’Reilly Rocky Point Dr. 625-9935
Jeff Raisbeck Rocky Point Dr. 635-1575
Rick O’Brien Golden Lake 625-2707

Membership Committee

Chair Kate O’Hara 625-1050
Records, including on line registration and emails Chris Hamilton 889-3148
Corporate Jeff Raisbeck 635-1575

Lake and River Stewardship Committee

Chair Natalie Corbin 697-1143
Fishing Sylvia Hillier 451-1710
Water Levels Ron Rimmer 401-3590
Water Quality Andy Trafford & Tammy Joudrey 206-3000
Boating Safety (vacant)
Shoal Marking Eric Weckworth 625-1200

Communications Committee

Chair Chris Hamilton 889-3148
AGM, The President & Past President Kate O’Hara 625-1050
Website Chris Hamilton 889-3148
Newsletters Allison Wood 601-6000
Poker Run Carole Hamilton 889-1759
Facebook Group Ron Rimmer

Allison Wood



Zone Representatives

We have created organizational zones around the lake and river to help members contact the Association
The Association’s Directors and Zone Representatives share a commitment to helping members get involved in the Golden Lake Property Owners Association.

If you are interested in becoming a Zone Rep, please contact Kate O’Hara at 625-1050




Zone 1 Golden Lake Village and Pikwàkanagàn Rick O’Brien 625-2707
Zone 2 Island View Dr, Abby Way, Log Cabin Trail, Red Pine Camp Kate O’Hara  625-1050
Zone 3 Hwy 60, Fish Hut Rd Mary Beatty 625-2057
Mundts Bay Ln Clare Daniels 625-2101
Twin Maple Ln Brenda Maunder 625-1324
Bunchberry Ln
Zone 4 McMillan Rd Robyn Richards 625-2979,
Wendy Supapol 905-220-7914
Goldfinch Dr, Kasdorff Ln Kelly Bentley 905-577-7176
Zone 5 Hwy 60 at Deacon Bill and Glenna Cooke 625-2036,
Kelly O’Grady 602-5900
McNee Dr, Browns Cr Kate O’Hara 625-1050
Zone 6 L’Escale Ln Abbie Buch 830-7337
Great Heron Rd Dick Piper 757-2979
Harrington Rd Burk Hein 757-2343
Blackpoint Rd
Zone 7 Hawkins Dr, Gorman Rd Allison Wood 601-6000
Nien-Mar Ln Ron Rimmer 401-3590
Bonnechere Lodge Rd, Sleepy Hollow Ln Ernie Bies 625-2558
Bob’s Ln, Sheedy Ln, Jim’s Ln, Skelly Rd Boyde Vincent 882-3579
Zone 8 Billena W, Lynch-Reid Ln, Richards Ln, McSearsull W Stephanie Lane 323-5359
Golden Mile W Candace Reynard 585-0991
Golden Lyn W Chris Hamilton 889-3148
Zone 9 Rocky Point Dr Cairine Cybulski 625-1274,
Carole Hamilton 889-1759,
Don O’Reilly 625-9935
Mundts Ln Don O’Reilly 625-9935
Tranquility Bay Steve Butler  625-1454
Zone 10 Tramore Rd Dean Bergstresser 757-3186,
Mark Hammer 853-2663
Old Bridge Rd, Libby Ln Mark Hammer 853-2663
Zone 11 Tramore Rd Dean Bergstresser 757-3186
Boyle Ln Theresa Rasp 592-9424
Bonnechere River Ln Judy Hartwig 757-3123
Eady Rd, Narrows Ln, Jeffreys Ln, Okum Ln Gary Cooper 757-1175
Zone 12 Carty Rd, White Church Rd Dennis Brock 327-5235
Karmak Haven Rd, Muskie Ln Kate O’Hara 625-1050