Hydro One – Rate Class Changes

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has instructed Hydro One to implement its decision to eliminate the seasonal rate class.  As a result, our seasonal members have received a letter from Hydro One outlining the rate class changes, current OEB hearings and next steps.  GLPOA notified members of this proposed change by way of e-mail blast last fall following our September 2020 board meeting; that information also provided a link for further information and advice as we received it from Federation of Ontario Cottage Associations (FOCA).  As can be expected, these recent events are generating many questions and concerns from our members.

Here are the facts as we know them:

  • This rate change decision was initially made by the OEB in March 2015 and re-confirmed in September of 2020
  • The OEB has stated the decision that the elimination of the seasonal rate will stand; there is no going back on this decision.  However, the OEB will be holding a hearing later this year to listen to arguments on how the rate change will be implemented
  • The current timeline is for changes to be implemented January 2022
  • Hydro One is working on how to evolve the density rate class issues; low density designation will see the brunt of these changes
  • Hydro One is looking at a process to phase in the changes to lessen the impact of these changes on households.  Currently they are proposing a credit to low density seasonal customers of up to 9 years to minimize the disproportionate increase / impact
  • FOCA has, for the past several years, been a powerful voice and intervenor in this matter on behalf of the 500+ associations (50,000+ families) they represent, including GLPOA, with respect to how this change will impact property owners
  • While FOCA has been front and centre on this issue, they also encourage individual rate payers to contact your provincial representative as the most effective way to make an impact on the OEB decision (contact info below)
    • Individual comments can also be made directly to the OEB using the link provided below

In continued support of its members FOCA will be in attendance at the OEB hearing to represent our concerns as seasonal and waterfront property owners.  Their participation / action on our behalf reflects just one of the many benefits they provide to the cottage associations across Ontario.

This decision, supporting motions, next steps and letter submission requirements can be found at https://www.oeb.ca/participate/applications/current-major-applications/eb-2020-0246-eb-2019-0234-eb-2016-0315.

If you have not already done so, we recommend you immediately contact our MPP – John Yakabuski – to register your concerns and opinions. He is a strong voice for his constituents.

Contact info for John Yakabuski:

e-mail:      john.yakabuskico@pc.ola.org

fax:           613-735-6692

phone:       613-735-6627                   1-800-267-2515